How to short crypto (or any market) – Moving averages strategy introduction tutorial

Hi guys in this video I am going to explain a very simple, yet powerful strategy for short-selling. This is the main strategy I use for both, longing & shorting.

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  1. thanks 4 vid,, i have never shorted and ask u before, to share ur understanding,, i was going to open plus 500 account simple im in uk,,, but the reviews put me off,, it almost seems a scam going by them have you used it very regularly ? thanks,, the trading room i am in advocate bitmex,, but i have never shorted, thanks

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  3. Hello Dobe You can also short cryptos on Etoro – the minimum purchase value is lower and they have a much bigger range of crypto’s available at the moment – BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP, NEO, XLM, ETC, DASH (more are on the way) Spreads are higher though however, but there is no time limit, trades can remain open on all cryptos for unlimited time. Not sure it’s available in USA due to CFD standard stock trading.

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