How to Start Investing in Crypto Currency with Voyager Finance | Invest & Earn Interest in Crypto

Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto In this video I show you how to open a Crypto Currency trading account with Voyager. I’ll walk you through what I consider to be the best …

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  1. Hi Florida stocker, I left a message and another video a week or two ago but I would love to see an update from you on Voyager. I’ve been hearing horror stories about trying to transfer funds with them and I am currently experiencing one myself. Have you tried to transfer funds with them? What is your experience been? If you have it it would be cool if you did so you could do a full review. I signed up after watching one of your videos but to be honest I’m regretting it right now.

  2. Don't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway Damn good video ❤️. I also watched those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these clips. MStar Tutorials also had amazing information about similiar money making things on his vids.

  3. What about buying on paypal or cash app? I got coinbase app and both paypal and cash app never invested in crypto just a bunch of would of and should of's! You and other precious metal channels showing me it isn't too late. Give updates. Diversifying is key. Love it.

  4. Really should of talked some about setting up your account to fund it. How much information you have give. Did you have to take pics of drivers license or maybe even a selfie of yourself holding your ID. To me that is the tedious part…no fun. Once funded the wild ride begins! Lol.

  5. FS
    I may have to watch this again just to try and better understand it.
    I hear a few stackers talking about crypto lately but I personally don't know enough about it to be comfortable with it.
    Crypto is hard for me to think of it as a real asset as it only digital.

  6. I just ordered a Munch from apmex and I got a buffalo round one troy ounce and it says it's striped on the bottom of his neck SMI which I've never seen before and then on the Buffalo it says mintmark 31 or 81 what does that mean does it increase the value because it has a stamp from some other die in the middle of the Buffalo I can send you a picture

  7. Im not a fan of voyager. I recently signed up and while the app is user friendly with some great features and the interest is a big plus, buying and selling crypto are a major problem for me. You have to buy high (ask price) and sell low (bid price) . It soured me on voyager

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