How To Start Investing In ICO'S | Crypto Investing 101

A huge concern for people is knowing what ICO’s are and which one to invest in. In today’s video i have Vin teaching me the basics about ICO investing and …

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  4. I like you guys,been watching your videos for a while now. But for 2 guys who teach investing. The fact you both didn't instantly know what 50 times 300 dollars is, is a little bizarre.

    Questions for Ricky and Vin!

    How long do you hold the position on the ICO?
    Can you withdraw your investment in the ICO at any time?
    Are there transaction fees for sending money to and from bank account?
    Great work hopefully you guys see this comment would mean the world if you saw it!!

  6. You nailed Ricky, I did exactly that I put $100.00 on TRON, RIPPLE, CARDONO, FUNFAIR & waiting for an ICO on Crypertium which I have $155.00 so $550.00 total and within 2 weeks I made $122.00 in profits between the four cryptos and hopefully I can bank on Crypterium which will start trading on the 18th. Also have my lending wallet with Bitconnect started with the minimum $100 and thats working out pretty good as well. I know you love Technical Analysis Ricky and despite cyptos volatility your methods and strategy will make a killing in the markets, you will destroy it on a 24 hour basis. That 9EMA you love so much works like magic along with RSI levels and the MACD. If you ever start to trade you will fall in love with Binance trading platform. Can't wait for part 2, and thanks Vin just started following you, your good really good! thanks bruh.

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