How to Use BlockFi for Beginners (Earn Crypto Passive Income on BlockFi)

How to use BlockFi to earn passive income on Bitcoin, Ethereum and stablecoins. BlockFi tutorial for BlockFi Interest Account, crypto loans, crypto credit card …


  1. BLOCK FI IS A SCAM!!!!!!!! They will take all your money. They will not make you login after you deposit money. I warned so…

  2. Hi James, thanks for the vid. I live in the UK & tried to set up a BlockFi account for staking, but it wouldnโ€™t accept UK addressโ€™s. Is there a way round this or another reputable UK staking option? Thanks

  3. I sold my all ETH.

    I just put my order for buying price 1 ETH = ยฃ300.

    It is the same price of ETH was in November 2020 .

    Any advice please ?

  4. Another great video my man! Just a tip for users. Do NOT use Google authenticator. It is hell if you lose, get your phone stolen, etc. Just use something like a Yubikey for 2FA. Stay safe out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. You always provide such great value in your videos,one of my best channel here on YouTube mate,I am a musician, last year I got slammed because of covid.luckily I got told about crypto.I put my money into crypto, now I make good money and get to still wright/play music but with so much less stresse about $$$ I'm a new world I never thought existed!!

  7. New to this and it seems ive entered at 'the flash crash'.. I thought that you buy dips, but people seem put off.. Are we buying the likes of ADA at the moment?

  8. hey man, i think you should change up your thumbnail a bit to attract more viewers, the thumbnails all have the same picture

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