“Hippity hoppity, your NFT is now my property” Coffeezilla’s channel: Coffee’s conversation …

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  1. No problem with you going out of your way to be diplomatic as that fits the tone of your channel. But good grief NFTs are cancer. You're effectively buying a receipt. It only means anything so long as the company that actually hosts the digital assent you bought a receipt for both continues to exist and continues to honor the fragile connection between your receipt and their product via the associated link. There are many useful ways to employ a blockchain, but this one is both predatory and a trap for gambling addicts. …No surprise then that the most slimy video game companies are among those most excited about them.

  2. Copying a digital file doesn't mean you own it, it is no different than copying Superman Issue #1 or the Mona Lisa, owning the original is what makes it worth something, supply and demand also plays a part. You need the private key to truly own and posses it, you will need this private key to insert your NFT into the metaverse and games which will be where this is all headed.
    Don't forget some NFTs provide a function such as a NFT for a game, weapon stats, character stats, property, etc.
    Simply copying a NFT will not allow you to use it in an application.

  3. My take on NFTs + digital arts: "ownership".
    For my own attempt to understand it ( this might differ with other, ), is by comparing it with file ownership on file system.
    NFT is `chown`, it doesn't handle/care about `chmod` yet as for now.
    Assume a file can be read ( as that how digital arts has to be, to allow distribution ) — file mod read
    Any user that can read it doesn't need to change ownership, they can just copy it, or even make their own file, and write it manually the filename and contents ( its same like you saw Picasso painting, and try to paint it your self as close as you can get ). thats not what NFTs about or care about as for now.

    What NFT care about is when you want to change ownership of that actual file to other user. why ownership matters ? because the new owner, can write any data / execute the file as they like, and that what NFT cares, "transaction". it is transaction between previous owner ( means previous owner need to approve it, you can say "sudo", but remembers there is no root / power user on NFT ) and the file system it self to execute the transaction of ownership change ( this is the blockchain and NFT contract do ). You can always safely assume the "transaction" is always legit, because there is no power user, and it is not possible to hijack the blockchain.

    The filemod, that its readable can not be changed by the transaction of ownership changes, it will be as it was / is. Its not what `chown` does or responsible for.

    Im not pro nor against NFTs, its just my attempt to understand it. For me its not about who can store the Picasso painting on their garage, or who can paint them self a Picasso painting. But its more about who own the "original" Picasso painting it self: it was Picasso, and then owned by some collector, and ended up in museum ( maybe ? i guess ? or i thought it is ). And those ownership changes requires transactions cost, and it is/was high because the "original" painting has "value" not by quantity but quality.

    Thats why its called NFTs collector, its for a reason i suppose. As in "art collectors".

    Im 100% agree with John here, it is food for thought. And my take away after watching the video is :
    > Just because its on the internet, doesn't mean you can easily be "collectors". As everything there is, have a knowledge that fit the needs, then be free of being whatever you wanna be. You want the thing, or you want to own the thing.

    Disclaimer: This comment is NOT educational content, or ever intended to be. It is merely my opinion, and im entitled to it, as you entitled to yours.

  4. Hi John,
    I love your videos as a cyber security student and enthusiast I love how you explain thingsโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  5. you dont own the image nor the nft, no copyright or usage right is given when downloading or viewing an image

    (did i win the stupidiest and or most obvious comment of the day?)

  6. NFT Idiots: ThAtS nOt HoW iT wOrKs.

    Stupid children don't understand how useless the blockchain technology is. An I am working with them, they literally have no real use case when it comes to finances.

  7. … NFT digital art it's all about social status, it's a psychological subject rater then technical. As humans we love to believe we own things, and we like to define ourselves based on what we own (not all fortunately) … bottom-line: it's just a giant EGOTRIP that artist love to surf .

  8. sorry my dude but this isnt ok, just saving the image like that is pretty much illegal if you are not paying for them, i can and WILL contact the police about this if it does not stop. "Hippity hoppity, your NFT is now my property" thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

  9. I've just taken a photo of the Mona Lisa, does this mean I now own it? No. It's no different to an NFT. Your argument falls to pieces when it comes to NFT's with utility, and having to prove you own the asset.
    People are sleeping, a bit like the Internet in 1997, one day we'll look back at these videos and laugh.

  10. can you please make mooore videos about malware
    analysis ….. cuz its amazing …. thnx for great efforts man ….. amazing vedio as expected

  11. not sure if i understood this video, an nft "id" is stored somewhere in a smart contract that prove that you are the owner of the original nft , in the metaverse if you want a nice avatar you must have the original nft, i'm not sure what this video was about but i liked as always

  12. YES. Happy to hear your thoughts at the end, towards digital artists! I think it's interesting when you consider what NFTs offer to actual digital artists. Ones with actual talent, that is; not the NFT trading card creators. Some of the most talented and technically skilled artists that work today, work digitally. The nonstop production deadlines for advertising/media means they are constantly working and building their skills. Yet, their personal work has no 'value' in the traditional art world because of right click -> save. Or the very wrong idea that 'the computer does all the work for you.' This is what had me excited over the Beeple sale. Not the crypto-bro nonsense. Then again, the modern 'high art' world itself a silly nonsense place. Based mostly on hype and marketing. So I suppose it does come full circle.

  13. Fun video, but I wish- in the video where you talked about digital artists getting rewarded and acknowledged for their work- you would have thought it was worthwhile to give credit for the song you used as an outro. For anyone wondering the song is Dreams or Dreams pt. II by Lost Sky

  14. i believe what you have downloaded, are low quality copies of original files, probably created in a higher quality format like vector image format, or at least that is how i might do it. and have for my own artwork. however nowadays everything is upside down sometimes i feel like Rip Van Winkle…

  15. This is why gamestop is going to be the future, they're taking digital ownership to the next level by giving nfts their first valid use case with desirable collateral behind the tokens

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