I fell for a scam | EXPOSING the online dating crypto investment “pig butchering” scheme

I’m exposing the online dating/romance crypto investment scam I fell for so you don’t fall victim to it too. They’re still successfully scamming people out of millions …

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  1. Surprise to me the online dating women also target man. I just met someone that try to be friendly and send me current mining cryto and I told his person that I was not interest because I want to meet a real person that I can trust but she kept insisting and I decided to block her. You are real and I will like to meet you and just make you that love does exist.

  2. Hey I caught on immediately with the scams they usually have the same area code it starts with 607 and they say they live around the same state and they will have these pictures are caught on and and then they’ll say they have bitcoin and cryptocurrency anyone to teach you when you get together with them and then I say I want to see video I wanna see pictures of you what are you doing right now because people say that there’s somebody. And they really not and I caught on immediately and then he asked for your WhatsApp app and then you provided and then he start saying oh I could teach you this I can teach you that with cryptocurrency and bitcoin and you can invest Thank you for making this video because people need to know I had to look it up to make sure if anybody went through this and thankfully I caught on immediately

  3. I totally feel you and am in the same boat. I wish I watched your video earlier though since this happened to me very recently. Never in my life did I think this would have ever happened to me and I couldn't talk about it with anyone. I'm glad you were brave enough to share your story ❤. I just don't know whether I want to laugh or cry about this just yet. Too soon for me to laugh it off completely

  4. This happen to me, and didn’t realized crypto romances scams were out there. I lost 1600 CAD. After doing research saw the red flags, we had talked on the phone and video chatted several times.
    Red flags as follows for my experience:
    🚩they say they lost a spouse
    🚩 using “am” in grammar
    🚩 get mad at you when you don’t want to invest in crypto.
    🚩 says he coming home, keeps delaying on return back home.
    🚩confess they love you quickly
    🚩everything is your fault, crypto becomes their identity
    🚩they are hot, you are not

  5. Thank you for sharing. We need to get the word out. This is another added con we have to look out for on dating apps. In less than a month, I had two try. Same script. This was on okcupid. Gorgeous pics they used. One from China the other from Malaysia, but in NY. Yet, not interested in video chatting or setting an actual date. I knew then something was up. Decided to Google and came across your video. I didn't invest anything. Too many red flags. When a man doesn't want to video chat, something is up. He said he is a traditional Chinese man and don't want the first impression to be on video. What??!! You're on a dating app. Nothing traditional about that. Waste of time.

  6. Thanks for sharing and i know i feeling that really it is tough and i agree there is a lot of frauds out there… it sad also that facebook is being a tool now for all these frauds as well… I notice a lot of women Asian women are looking at investing but they not really from the area in which i am 🙁

  7. I got scammed exactly the same way.I wish I have seen your video before.This is the same way happened to me.I met him on Hinge.He made me believe and trust him with care and love.I lost 100k now.I am in traumatized.I never thought people can do like this.

  8. Had this happen to me but thankfully caught on before any money was sent. He was a really sweet guy exactly what I was looking for smart athletic wanted a serious relationship career focused and educated all like me. At first I was intrigued that he was into investments since that is my line of work as well but when I told him I wasn’t comfortable investing in crypto due to the volatility he kept insisting he would help me. he kept bringing it up no matter how many times I said I didn’t want to which raised a red flag like either this guy doesn’t respect boundaries or he is a scammer

  9. I was almost scammed by one of these guys earlier this year. I'm in Australia. I'm usually the most sceptical person, so let me tell you they are damn good. I love cats and this guy had photos with an adorable cat, they know how to play with your emotions. I didn't give any money, thank goodness! However I created an account on some crypto trading app at his instruction, even uploading photos of my ID. Don't feel bad, they are really disgusting with their emotional manipulation. Like you I asked lots of questions about his business and he knew so much about the local area. They do their research. Thank you for sharing your story. Sorry you lost so much money. 😔

  10. I was amazed with the lengths they're willing to go. I caught on to it being a scam immediately but I was bored and played stupid. This guy actually went to the lengths to CALL ME to make me feel more comfortable knowing he was a real person. Smh. I'm just over the dating scene we have today. I have zero faith left. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. There are a lot of scammers talking about crypto on Tinder in Vietnam. They use good looking photos, but if you swipe enough you see tons of accounts with the same photos. If a guy brings up crypto, don't ask about it. If he keeps wanting to talk about it, block him. I got suspicious after several guys brought it up and I wasn't interested in it. It was so weird because they all brought it up. I did add one to another app to keep talking and I was curious what he would say. He asked me to download an actual app. The reviews were really bad so I told him I wasn't going to download it and accused him of being sketchy. He tried to deny my accusations but I felt weird about his responses so I blocked him. I knew he was probably fake, most guys don't even have such nice photos. There are some really scary people out there.

  12. I thought of this little tip to reduce the chances of getting scamed.

    Don't give your number/transition to another platform without meeting the person first. It's harder to build trust and connection on a dating app, because you know you don't know the person. The person you're talking to is just a match.
    Once you transition, mentally it will feel like the person is part of your circle. You may even forget you initially got in contact to meet each other, not chat endlessly.

    Let's all be safe 🙏

  13. I have just been saved from this scam because of you making this video, I really couldn't afford for this to happen as due to unfortunate events and bad luck in all areas of life, so i am currently living paycheck to paycheck.
    I have literally been destroyed by two real life partners in the past 2 years and yet although I explained my harrowing current mental state, this person seemed to listen and care about me, it hurts to watch this and know that I am being hurt again, but I suppose at least I'm not now going to be scammed out of the small amount of money that i have for my food this month. so thank you!

    Where are the genuine decent people in this world 😭

  14. "I'm giving a portion of my earnings to charaity"… this happened to me exactly. The platform was called ANE. A Chinese business man, living in Berkeley Hills, texting evey single day.. When the time came for the kill, they said " you either pay the taxes or your assets will go to UNICEF " … i actually told the scammer that I'm ok with that because i don't have any money left to buy enough coins for the tax. He kept pushing until i realized that it wasnq scam and blocked and took all the necessary steps like contacting the police, changinf my phone number..

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