I MADE A $1,000,000+ COIN. Introducing MILLION TOKEN, the cryptocurrency for millionaires

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  1. Would you pay more then a dollar for a dollar? lol exactly why would pay more for a stable coin then it’s backed by

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  4. People are now accusing TechLead of pump-n-dump sheme, while all he did was he has proven the total idiocity of people who invest in new hyped crypto currency.

  5. I have a question, once you have successfully created the token, and you as the creator has received all og the tokens in your wallet, how do you go about making the tokens available to the public? Do you send the tokens to the contract address? I understand that you have to add liquidity as well, but you can add liquidity with just a small amount of tokens you created. Let's say you added liquidity to only 1000 tokens, but you made 5000 tokens, How do you make all of the rest of tokens (4000) available to the public?

  6. You should vote against bs like this by unsubbing. This kind of bs could end hole crypto scene and you should not support it or be part of it.

  7. Patrick Shyu, an ex-Google tech lead and Youtuber aka TechLead, has been accused of pulling off a multi-million-dollar  with his own cryptocurrency, Million (

  8. Excellent job 👏 Techlead, we are all going to be rich , great great great…yes we did it guys…check your wallets , oh only 1 person has made money 💰 …I wonder who? Reputation lol 😆 nice one

  9. The genius of this is if just one in ten of his subscribers buy $100 he’s at minimum of 10x.
    More than enough to cover his $1 million obligation if just 1 in 100 buy $100+.
    The real genius is that crypto buyers are evangelical. Each will promote the coin using his videos and those advertising click-pennies add up.

  10. I got a question. Can it survive the next Davos Agenda (digital currency)? Which will eliminate totally the fiat currency and make global currency reset. Thank you

  11. Do not use Coinomi to hold these folks. If you have it, transfer your coins/tokens to a safer place like a Ledger hardware wallet or Gnosis. Coinomi has some serious flaws and numerous people have lost their life savings.

    Luckily I was not one of them, but I had set up Coinomi, only to delete it after finding out some serious flaws in their code that allows pretty easy exploits if someone wanted to target you.

    Steer clear. Also, it was super easy to obtain MM (Million) via Uniswap without installing any apps by using FortMatic option, but linking your secondary wallet is not as simple. Takes a bit of figuring out, but ultimately you can send MM directly to your Ledger or most other wallets that support ETH and alt coins. 👍

  12. This is the STUPIDEST thing i have ever seen. Anyone here can make the exact same token in less then an hour with the exact same results as he has stated here. this provides NOTHING that every single other token on the market already provides except he has put it to a 1 million token supply. If you buy into this, all he is doing is dumping on you and taking your money. You are better off throwing all your money into whatever coin you see in coingecko then here

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