I made a crypto trading bot that detects new Binance coin listings in 5 seconds

cryptocurrency #trading #python #programming This crypto trading bot I made is able to detect new coins listings on Binance in 5-6 seconds and automatically …

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  1. so some people are commenting about the price on new listings are more than the real price of that currency. This is because of the liquidity of the pool of the exchange. So when there is relatively less liquidity on the exchange than the price spikes within the matter of miliseconds

  2. Very slick! Haven't seen any action on my test run yet, but looking forward to it.
    You may already have something and I'm just missing it, but some notification options would be sweet. I'm a fan of the win10toast Python module, it's super simple to use. I think it would also be really easy to get some Discord webhook integrations set up so users can be notified while they're away from their machine. Just an idea for a future improvement in case you're looking for one. Great job with this though, super appreciated.

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