In this unboxing, I ordered a Mystery Box from the Deep Web / Dark Web. We received horrifying items that we’ve all know; I got a NEW Pad Pro, pictures of …

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  1. I would love an apple product hand out 🙂 I just watched you video bro why you sniffing a fisting device lol I’m sure girls use those for pleasure lol I could be wrong but I love you vids my dude

  2. “Im gonna assume its a hyena” 🦊
    You’re not the brightest but you are damn entertaining!😂 im a new subscriber by the way. And was looking up some youtubers who do the darkweb mystery boxes. So far I enjoy your videos! And I would love to have that iPad pro to do my artwork on. Would be rad to have. But I hope you keep making these vids! I enjoy them🤙🏻

  3. as someone who loves Apple products, that looks like a Ipad Pro. it seems that the higher storage amounts costs quite a bit of money. also, as someone who is kinda interested in the dark web, I really enjoy watching these videos. I love the reactions you give, and I just love the feel of all these videos. I am honestly surprised that the Ipad is not damaged. I've always wanted a better Ipad because I love to use notability, it's a notetaking app.. and I find it so much easier to draw on an ipad because of the big (ish) screen. anyway, thanks for doing these videos Crypto, they're always fantastic. and if nobody wins the Ipad, I for sure would use it 😛 keep making the great videos! 😀

    It's also weird that your phone stopped working after you turned on the ipad….

  4. Well I can say this, he did scare you when you jumped from Pinocchio

    Because you did say he would

    I was gonna say I would want Pinocchio because I am fan but I looked closer. He is so old that he looks creepy. No thanks

  5. I would love the iPad! My constructive criticism would be, stop putting things so close to your face. And stop smelling everything haha. My boyfriend and I love watching your videos and seeing your reaction to different things! 🙂

  6. I would really love to get the iPad for my son's email. I'm subscribed and like. I love watching your videos because you are so sweet and funny. The only thing I don't like is you sometimes mess with some of the stuff in the box you shouldn't. You open some of the liquids I just worry about you

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