I Spent a Week Trading Crypto Alt Coins

I Spent a Week Trading Crypto Alt Coins Zero to Making $100k Per Month at 18 I Biaheza Story: My …

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  1. u do realize shiba has 500k holders and huge development in place like…uniswap and such. idk bout you got 4392.1879 bone since launch of shibaswap….. at 2 dollars thats 8 grand ish since june 6th …bone is hovering 1.99. one of the 3 coins affiliated and correlate with each other. shib has a direct plan to get it to 1 cent. with strategic burns and the hype….average face book account gets 31 views per day…. people like me and the other 300k+ soldiers in the army spreading the news…. 31x300k….thats lot of eyes

  2. Ideally should have bought a few as long term investments I own 10m shib and 25m safemoon waiting to see 0.01 and I’ll sell half and sell the other half at $1.00 it’s a long term $200 investment I recommend you do it as well if your reading this, if those numbers are reached it’s $50,000-5m and $125,000-12.5m really hope sm and shib follow doges footsteps

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