I"m Loading Up on These Stocks and Crypto!

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  1. Wow Kenan Grace since the good Lord lead me to your page I instantly fell in love with the type of young man you are . When I saw your last name I knew off the back there is power in the name of Jesus but I also learn that a persons name usually fits their character n your last name Grace, I knew you couldn’t have that last name and not live up to it n you definitely do. God bless you n thank you so much because of you I’m learning a lot and invested in several stocks because I’m tire of living penny to penny it’s time to build generational wealth. And my entire family is counting on me to get it . So I can help them understand. Happy new year

  2. Kenan in the name of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit I pray 🙏🏻 total healing and total restoration in the name of Jesus, may you be totally healed. Hallelujah You are very informative on cryptos and your program is enjoyable and upbeat.

  3. Nobody should listen to this guy. He got famous during a bull market and almost all his picks are trash. He literally talked about Romeo Power at its peak, talking about “he is the coach and telling people to run his plays”and now its down more than 80% in less than a year. He makes more money off youtube than his stock picks and just wants clicks. Don’t be fooled y’all

  4. EVERYONE READ CAREFULLY!!!!! Let's NOT make the same mistake that many people did with GME! When the GME Short Squeeze took off, people started selling at $200, $300, $400ish……hedgies started covering and the price started dropping. Whether Institutional selling or not, let's NOT make the same mistake with AMC. The reason because we own most of the FLOAT!! When you see the MOASS begin, let it rise, and rise, and rise, and rise…..honestly, I need at least $5K a share. After the GME experience, do you still think is not possible?? Believe it is!!! Just let it rise, and eat some pop corn while watching it rise!!!!!

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Just remember that you single-handed are changing lives for the better 🙏we all appreciate you and your knowledge will bring nothing but success. The sky is the limit and the energy you bring everyday is 🔥

  6. Kenan you the OG bro. Look forward to your uploads whether they’re every day, or every week. Very admirable of you to continue to push through your content even while you’re feeling sick. Love you bro thank you

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