I'm using 2 crypto trading bots to turn my altcoins into more Bitcoin.

My goal and strategy for this next bull run is to use crypto trading bots to manage my altcoin portfolios and strategies. In this video I’ll share the 2 bots and …


  1. T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g
    F..o.r m.o.r.e g.u.i.d.a.n.c.e

  2. Shrimpy possible of SCAM MY MONEY cause of their UI issue. they no intention to fix for me. Everyone need to be very careful to use them else may end up like me.

  3. Hi, great channel, I subbed, curious if your still using the two bots you mentioned, also have you tried using zort? Love to hear back.

  4. I have been using tradeium bot for some days now but the way it trades is confusing me
    Why does it buy high sell low instead of buy low and sell high
    Please is this how it works on your side

  5. Can you help me ? I’m investing with Plus500tradingbot ? Can you tell me if it’s real or not they don’t want to approve a withdraw ? Do you know anything about this company ? Please help ?

  6. I let a bot do my trading I got a negative return, just buy coins and put a sell up at x% and just leave it , it well sell eventually unless it's a scam coin

  7. I've done tons of backtesting back in 2018 on various basket-strategies, and when you take fees into account, even the best strategies will produce negative ROI. Now, the momentum bots are interesting, but then again, without proper backtesting, you can't really tell what way they'll be going. I'm running a couple different bots myself (even coding up one from scratch), but always interested to see what's more out there, so in 3-6 months, let us know your results.

  8. OK, so if you want credibility post a few screenshots with your tradings done by these bots if you say they are so wow. I have seen some pro bots with backtesting environment in real time etc. What you say in this video is so noobish and totally unreliable info.

  9. https://torquebot.net/welcome/register?ref_code=070710107

    This is by far a great trade bot. It averages 1.5% a week. That’s without you even compounding your profits paid daily. If you email me , I’ll explain a small loophole that gives you over 3% a week. That’s without compounding. So obviously it pays more with daily compounding. If you can use my referral link I’d appreciate it. But regardless, if you wanna know the simple loophole to get 97% more then just email me at torqueswinger1@gmail.com and I’ll send you the steps and links to their telegram community and support. (They actually know about the loophole but they just don’t support it. It’s great. I’m actually averaging about 15% a month with this bot. The team has been audited as well and passed with flying colors. But of course please DYOR. But it’s been a game changer for me. Look Into it. You’ll love it.

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