Importance of Hustle in ICO and Crypto Investing

The game of ICO investing and more broadly, crypto investing, is continually evolving. So let’s discuss today why networking and hustle is so massively …

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  1. As an FYI: I'm 100% a regular dude. I work a full-time job, I just happen to have a YouTube channel.
    Everything mentioned in this video applies to myself as much as it applies to everyone else. Stay on the grind, it'll pay off 👍

  2. You are absolutely wrong on one point: quantity does not equal quality! I know people researching stuff for years and others come to the space and rise to the top in few weeks! The secret of success is the method of research, not just research for research's sake! That never helped anyone!

  3. Recently the blockchain found a site under the name TokenGo. The command of developers works on unique and relevant projects with the interesting concept. Also at them very attractive bounty the program. I bought tokens on long period, I think will fly up.

  4. Guys if anyone can help a guy with a broken leg survive the next 2 months until i can get back to work please send me any BTC you can, i hate to be begging but im stuck in bed and cant pay rent:///// Anything at all helps thanks

  5. 2 items for the good of the group. 1.) Korea has just made some positive moves with legislation (around KYC) and XRP has just been added to BitOasis. I have been hodl(ing) XRP for a good while now. With all the positive things happening in and around it, I really think it will go up soon.
    2.) Second thing is an ICO that I've been looking into, would love opinions of others. It's Titanium (BAR). The founders/group looks solid with good rep. White paper looks good (as far as I can tell…i'm no expert). I have not gotten in but I met someone involved in it and he impressed me enough for me to start researching doing my due diligence… 🙂

  6. The problem is that many of the good ICO's out there wont allow US citizens to participate …You can do all the research in the world, love the project, love the team , love the road the end if you cant participate in the ICO then you have no choice but to wait for it to be put on a exchange …their are ways of getting through to their ICO web pages , but when they want to KYC you its game over….Perhaps you can have a video regarding this issue for us Americans..this would be much appreciated…again I know this is not always the case, their are lots we can participate in, but the GOOD ones are not allowing us…

  7. For meet ups, sure it can give you good information but will that information really lead to a win if that meetup is for sharing information about one special project. The competition is still fierce. It would be good if you could elaborate on types of meetups and what these meet ups consist; like "who are you seeing" and whats the exact information or thing your looking for that will "make you money." Would you go to meetups just to network or is it to see a team that is offering you an opportunity to participate in an ico?

  8. Thank you Bobby. Very good advice. I missed one of the big ICOs last year because my one year old baby had a little accident while I was cooking and in the queue for ICO on my computer. I rushed to hospital with her and forgot about the ICO. This year, I am aiming to do better. Could you suggest some conferences and ICOs please? I am a full time mother and I can jump on an airplane at any minute. I am using my father's google mail account for this message. Thanks. Rainbow

  9. Thanks for all you do for the space to help people. 
    I appreciate you Bobby! & I agree with you and Ian:
     I find DC's tweet myopic. It doesnt take into account a few obstacles for the average retail investor and he assumes everyone has his privilege and access."The DC" crew exihibit an insular-supercillious– clique-like online demeanor:  

    Question:–Are the regulations really in place to protect the interests of  the average investor or the accredited investor?

    Calling people lazy seems a lazy assumption—sure, you can go to local meetups, what if you live in a remote area and cannot easily access the larger cities where conferences happen–like the one next week in Korea..

    How can you network or gain access to an ico if you dont even know companies exist? 

    Are these companies transparent or accessable esp– if youre not dropping 100k? ….

    You took the classy route–but stay true to what you see. You insight is greatly apprecitated.

  10. What I hate is when I hear about a "hot coin" and it's not on an exchange I'm signed up with. In the 3-4 days it takes to get approved to trade on the exchange, the "hot coin" is no longer hot. How many exchanges does the average investor have to sign up for? It's kind of ridiculous.

  11. Off topic from this vid but XLM (Stellar) seems poised to move. Thoughts? I've got some skin the game – not much but enough to be learning ins/outs. Really enjoying your vids – they definitley help as I am relatively new to this but very engaged. Thanks.

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