Interest Rate Hikes!! Will It CRASH CRYPTO!? 😨

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  1. We will see stocks and risk on assets like crypto plummet in the spring. This will be partly due to rising interest rates but we are expected to see the start of the bear market around that time anyway. Once crypto hits its floor, however, we will see investors seek juicy prices in the obvious long term hedge against inflation.


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  3. Not a single dollar of stimulus money went to stimulate the economy. It all went to KICKBACKS for CEOs, POLITICIANS, GLOBALISTS, among others.Follow the money and you will see that the RICH GOT RICHER, WHILE THE POOR GOT POORER AND THE DOLLAR GOT WEAKER!

  4. Also keep in mind; What's happening next year in USA is called the "mid-term elections", which is when many in congress are up for reelection, which means many of them will not like any bad news to the economy. The Democrats are currently in charge, and they are the party that's notoriously bad with monetary policy, so they will most likely turn the money printers back on, and flood the market, right before the election at the end of 2022.

  5. In order to compare gold with Bitcoin you have to check the current market cap of gold it is standing at 11T while Bitcoin is at just 1T, it has a long runway up to 11T where there will be less volitality and less returns.

  6. I think a lot of people investing in crypto are also investing in speculative growth stocks. This, when these stocks inevitably tank, these investors will shift their money from stocks to crypto.

    Then again, the stock prices for interest rate raises might already be priced in…

  7. I suggest a sell off in the short term then consolidation with the standard opportunities. I think a bigger portion put into ETH is a good idea for 2022 as a major holder. Stable coins will become more important in 2022 to protect against gains as I think the biggest issue is tax. When governments get the nod from the feds they'll come looking for money to cover their short falls. Tax regulations will play a part towards tax haven tokens and coins, look for opportunities there I believe. Over all confidence in the economy will remain soft so there will be a continued interest in crypto especially in NFTs as big spending will ease but people will be happy to part with smaller spends.

  8. We will have a dip in near future, people are getting educated about crypto, slow and steady is better for crypto than instant ATMs. This will mark the mass adoption of decentralized deflationary future of human kind.

  9. Coupled with regulation from both US and foreign governments, crypto is almost certainly going to see another crash here pretty soon. Hopefully it will make for a more healthy growth rate and realistic stabilization of the market.

  10. People will buy crypto, 2022 will blow all records, and not only Bitcoin. We will see a 10x across the board. Probably much more,, 2022 will be the year off mass adoption, we will see fantasy prices.
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  11. Sadly, many of the issues, talked about are or have already been factored into through political decisions. The conditions have been set, all that's happening now is the predicted effects of those decisions being played out. Governments are tightening their grip on our lives.

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