Investing $500 in Crypto?

For new people to the space, they may be curious as the best way to invest $500. In this video, we take a look at maximizing your risk-adjusted returns with …

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  1. Is it too late to get into Bitcoin as a new crypto investor? I skipped btc and went for eth and ada to start growing my portfolio but now I’m thinking I should get btc even though it’s already gone up so much.

  2. Doesn’t using sharpe ratio assume linear returns over time, yet in your other videos you say BTC and ETH exhibit diminishing returns over time? Maybe forward returns for each coin needs to be adjusted for their log regression/days since inception…

  3. I honestly don't understand… Aren't you essentially saying, "If you're just buying coins at completely random times and holding for extremely long intervals, then btc is best"? This doesn't really seem to be a good model for how the vast majority of buyers right now are focusing on buying low and predicting upswings based on a coin's utility and upcoming events. This may not be the easiest/most reliable method, but it's not impossible either. So yeah, if you want to just buy and forget about crypto for a decade, I'm sure btc is best, but that's not really what people are doing right now.

  4. Hi Benjamin, as you discussed already about your 5 targeted cryptos concurrencies for 2021, can you apply the same approach, using the same graph and same analysis to those 5 cryptos and shared the result of how the portfolio could look like?

  5. Interesting to see this application. I have been throwing crypto into my sharpe ratio analysis with stocks ever since I learned about it in class. BTC is always far and away the best option, but still a small portion of the portfolio compared with ETFs and the like that are super safe.

    I think ill plug a large pool of crypto into my favorite excel spreadsheet at yesrs end to decide where to park some money. Still worried this hype will crash and burn like it did 4 years ago.

  6. Hi Benjamin! Got a really intense viewer and subscriber of your channel and the analytic approach. I would really appreciate, if you can go on with this series! Sharpe ratio is a pretty good approach. You said, if you only invest in Ethereum and Bitcoin it is 25%/75%. I just calculated the sharpe ratio for the recent year. Bitcoin sharpe: 1.98 / Ethereum sharpe: 2.34. So as far as I understood, the weight should be more in direction Ether, correct if I am interested to invest in the efficient frontier, right? Or am I wrong? Thanks! 🙂

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