Investing Basics: Bitcoin and Blockchain

Subscribe: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are digital currencies that offer a peer-to-peer payment …


  1. How is a bitcoin different than a tulip? Oh, now I know … the central Bankers around the world are united in wanting to kill it. They love the ability to create money out of the air of goodwill. Bitcoin will never be permitted to replace currencies.

  2. Hi, when will you be on a joint venture with Coinbase? Come on!! Imagine if people from all over the world could fund td through Coinbase and viceversa. Bring it on now!!! It's 2021. Awake.!!!

  3. TD Ameritrade- You’ve GOT to update your desktop trading platform! It is not intuitive and appears to actively discourage trading. Seriously – your site appears like it’s 1996.

  4. Don’t know if someone is gonna reply back but all we do is download the app follow instructions and get money?

  5. All 3 of these coins DO have value 💯 but they are HORRIBLE for payments / transactions compared to technologies like XRP and XLM… Just saying.

  6. Lol td ameritrade wants to explain crypto but doesnt under the value of it as you cant trade it on their platform yet.
    Had to partial xfer cause as someone thats held crypto for 6-7 years, and a software engineer, I’ve out performed every financial adviser there as well.

    Stop blocking out your loyal customers from such an important technology

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