Is Nvidia RTX 3060 good for beginners in Deep Learning? Crypto Mining Ban, is it going to help?

rtx3060 #nvidia #gpu #deeplearning Based on pure specs alone, the new Geforce RTX 3060 is a brilliant budget proposition for anyone looking to get into Deep …


  1. I'm a freshman AI major so I'm confusing to build a PC. So if I'm a beginner in Machine Learning, how many RAM I need, and how powerful CPU I need, in terms of GPU I believe that 3060 is no-brainer and I'm striving to learn python to write a bot and snap some GPU with MSRP price-tag. And finally, thanks for answering my question. Hope your channel will skyrocket like the price-tag of Nvidia GPU 😀

  2. Sorry I don't understand if I can use two Nvidia 3060 in parallel.
    I know that tensorflow and pytorch have a function (dataparallel) to train with multi- GPU setting. Is possible exploit this with new Nvidia RTX 3060, or Is impossible have two Nvidia RTX 3060 work in parallel?

  3. Thank you justifying my reckless purchase lol. Great video, reassured me who was anxious if i was making the right choice picking the 3060 over the 3060ti

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