Is The Coin (CRO) A Good Investment? – (x100 Altcoin?)

Is’s CRO Coin A Good Investment? – Will The CRO Altcoin Moon Or Crash? : ($50 BONUS): …

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  2. Maybe 80billion cro tokens are on hold to control the bull rally thats coming up. You want people using cro.. not just shooting the price to the moon and having traders pushing price up. Been using CDC for a year now. Great platform!! Great video.

  3. new to the this crypto theme and for some one new say I mine ETH then convert it to CRO in wallet then stake it for 3 months not trying get fancy here since im new would that be a better investment then just holding ETH and selling it ?

  4. At minimum to unlock the benefits yes. I'm always concerned about scams or companies goingbelly up or what have you but you have to remember the whole banking system is also a scam. Brokerage houses are also a scam you don't own your stocks you are just the beneficiary of them unless you actually have a physical printed out certificate, and do some research into bank bail-in laws and that your deposits are not yours.

    Essentially if you don't hold it you don't own it without third-party risk.

  5. Great video!

    Most aspects of are great.
    The convenience of buying crypto, card cashclback, earn, stake, perks etc. Very smart stuff here that we all love.

    However the sell functionality is problematic and shady.

    The company mentions 0 fees yes but when you compare the buy and sell price of a coin(even a stable coin) there’s a 1-1,5% difference on the price.

    If for example you buy 1K USDT for 0,855 Euros and you then decide to sell the 1K USDT for fiat or for another cryptocurrency then the sell price becomes 0,84 while the confirmation still displays 0 fees. Yes its mentions 0 fees but the price has changed by 1,5% which is a lot. So is it actually 0 fees? Doesn’t look like it.

    You basically instantly lose money when you buy a token because when you decide to sell it you’ll lose a big chunk. Try it out and you’ll notice it too!

    Support is contacted several times and while there have been a lot of complains and posts from hundreds of users already on reddit, the team still is not fully transparent and has never fixed this issue.

    Would love a video on the buy/sell comparison, hopefully more awareness will be created.

  6. i was comparing XRP and CRO with both having equal 100B supply. XRP hit $3+ in last bullrun with more than 130B $ marketcap. so what will be the value of CRO in next bullrun if marketcap reach 150B $. if somehow CRO team announces any news of token burn or token lock in future?

  7. Sadly you don't get any percentage back on the stake you deposit. I have the icy white and the 16% or 18% staking rewards for the cards is for crypto earn section. It words it as if you will get that percentage back on the staked amount for the card but thats not true sadly.

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  9. I think you forget to make that red flag supply to orange flagged. Because taking into consideration that everyone will be staking at least 6 months of CRO. That means everyday, they have to release a little bit of the CRO for rewards. So honestly. 100B ain't alot for the next 5-10 years.

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