Kucoin Review: The best crypto exchange for everyone!

Kucoin tutorial for beginners: There is no verification process to start using Kucoin so anyone in the world can start trading on Kucoin as long as they can fund …


  1. Great video ! I sign with your link !

    14:06 You said, If you are US citizen you are not suppose to use Ku coin anyway,
    So I'm Confused is it save for USA or not.


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  4. Interesting but why don’t you write next to your referral link how much bonus/discount I would get? This is basic information…

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  7. How to withdraw my funds? Right now I have Bitcoins in KuCoin account. Can’t find the way to sell them for fiat currency and then withdraw my money.

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  9. Looking for video on gathering data from kucoin for taxes. The downloadable csv says I've earned 0.06 KCS over the last few months, but doesn't say the USD value of those small bonuses.

  10. Hello, I follow your Kucoin videos on youtube and they are very good and informative. I am new on the platform and purchased some doge coins but I want to transfer to Matic coins on the same kucoin platform and having issues in making it work. I will appreciate your help in telling me the steps to take to achieve it.

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  12. But their tech support sucks. They scammed me out of over 10k. I sent over 10K to a USDT wallet. Later they changed my wallet address to a different number. I can't access my 10K in the older address

  13. Please read Kucoin reviews at Trustpilot before deposit money there. Lots of complaints of missing crypto and withdrawal problems. Please, be careful.

  14. В России верификацию не пройти.Сделал фотографию селфи с паспортом и бумажкой,снова требуют фотографироваться.Бестолковая биржа.

  15. Kucoin is outstanding, has a pleathers of exotic and future “internet of things “ blockchain cryptos! get on it and grow your money but if your a us citizen follow the rules – i left a link – do not fail to file an FBAR foreign acct disclosure as well as that extra tax form.
    Great overall info on this outstanding exchange!

  16. On the kucoin app (iOS), how to I check my purchase price for my coins? When I look at the coin trade history it gives me the number of coins purchased but not the price history. Any help?

  17. So, I'm from state of Washington, I can't use KuCoin? Wow that's new for me. Should I sell everything I have in there and close the account?

  18. The question I have is: where should I leave my assets if I just want to hold it and let it grow with the currency in order to send it to my bank account in the future? 2:44, if I leave my coins in my main account to save them in there, will they grow with the currency if it grows?

  19. The reason you didn't hit the limit for the daily transaction volume was because you were doing transactions in USDT and the limit is 2000 USD… Similar but legally different! Just thought I'd point that out.

  20. I do not understand KuCoin…none of my Spot trades go thru. I can only use "buy Crypto" option. I DONT UNDERSTAND. NO SPOT TRADES WILL GO THRU FOR ME.
    not the LIMIT. NOT MARKET I hit the buy button and NOTHING HAPPENS
    ..NOT STOP LIMIT OR STOP MARKET..I fill in the order and it just goes from "stop orders" tab to cancelled. WHAT IN THE ACTUALL F**K.

    why are the not going thru?

  21. Hey Dan I've been using kucoin without a VPN. What if I start using a VPN while on the app? How would they restrict me what would I have to do wrong In order for that to happen and if it does happen what happens?

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