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  1. Teacher you never cease to amaze me and I know all of your students feel the same way as I do with your videos and courses. Honesty, intelligence, kindness/compassion and mannerly all sum up you and your persona.

  2. You never mention all the fake Bitcoin that has now flooded the market basically killing Bitcoin just like it killed gold and silver! The only way Bitcoin is ever going past 10k again is if they make a law banning derivative Bitcoins, which they're not going to do! Bitcoin was the real deal just like silver but now they just made it a scam.

  3. for someone who seems very charismatic, your response to the youtube crypto drama is very pragmatic and level-headed (I thought of that word before I heard you say it btw!). I like that. It's true, we can't control everything, we have to manage around it.

  4. Steve, you said in this video that your students doubled their BTC between July and December of 2019. In other words, they sold near $14K and bought back at $7K. Given that you recommended a buy around $7K, are you implying that BTC has bottomed? I assume that you would not recommend a buy to your students around $7K unless you thought the charts indicated an upward move. Sorry if you already covered this explanation.

  5. Recently purchased the intermediate course and am very pleased with info Steve shows us a foundational strategy to buying and selling… I am saving for the advanced course and working to get the $200 off before deal ends… 🤑🥳👊

  6. Hey Students of Steve! Can please anybody confirm that you have recently doubled your amount of BTC while following his advices? Steve has mentioned this is his previous video. Thank you in advance!

  7. I think youre giving out valueable information. I wish there was a way to subscribe to just a video without advertising for the university. Id pay for that. Your videos are about an hr on average and about half of it is a pitch, the rest is valuable TA, id pay monthly for a video of just the TA.

  8. Hi Steve. Another great video. Thank you. I suggest you look into baby sign language to start communication with your son now. Also, Steemit is a good alternative platform to consider for your videos. Happy New Year!

  9. Excellent introduction, glad to hear you informing the community about YouTube censorship without hype or anger or fear. It is what it is, just a bump in the road, let YouTube relegate themselves. People will follow value wherever it goes.

  10. Subscribed, I have never taken your classes as my portfolio is only about 5K usd, but I have actually done really well, it may not sound like much, but I didn't start with much. I sold at 13500 and back in at 6600. and I get lots of hints from your videos. Just let the trade come to you and find three good sources of info.

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