Learn How Crypto Investors are becoming MILLIONAIRES on BSC w/ BNB and CAKE tokens

Ethereum gas fees are EXHAUSTING (punny? lol!) but seriously these ETH transaction fees have literally cost us thousands of dollars worth of Ethereum.


  1. Hey dude.
    Trading on BSC – are you aware of the tools offered by Bogged Finance?
    They have limit orders, stop losses, trailing stop losses and token swap dapp for any token on BSC (Pancake v1, v2 and ApeSwap).
    Crazy usability for anyone day trading on BSC.

  2. Take a look at $POC (@PangeaOceanCoin). Project was featured in Yahoo Finance & Business Insider. A low-cap community token with a transparent team and a real cause – stopping ocean pollution with river barriers in the 1,000 most polluted rivers!🌊

  3. careful about fake coins on BSC when buying from pancakeswap.
    for example. there's currently 2 types of "GMR (GAMER)" cryptos. one is legit and the other is a fake scam you can't even sell back if you accidentally buy it.
    I made that mistake, luckily i only put in 20 euro.

    BONFIRE is the same, make sure you're buying from the correct adress and not the fake one some fuckstain put up on the site to scam people.

  4. please please teach me how to withdraw from metamask all my coins back to binance …how i turn this into real money i have all set up and doing pencake ..

  5. Great video and fully understandable! So basically what are the dangers of staking your coins? (I'm a new to the crypto world and trying to learn as much as i can)

  6. Since the day I started to work with you. I know have changed a lot that really help me to become a better person You are one of the reasons why I’m always trying my best. Thank you so much @Felixtrades0 on lG you know I appreciate you in so many ways wow! All praise to God

  7. Vosk you really should keep an eye on the defi starting to spring up on Conflux. Especially if you are mining CFX.

  8. Doge and SHIBA COIN(Doge sister) to the 🐕🚀🌙 I got 8 billion for $100 I double my money already…I feel like a Billionaire 🤣 Vitalik(Creator of Ethereum )owns 50% of the coins. 10.5 K holders with 54K transactions. On Reddit we have a community 2K members. I feel like a 🐳😅

  9. If you want to earn the same coins as in LP tokens that you stake then use beefy finance.. its also autocompounding so you dont even have to compound your interest.

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