Living with a Crypto addiction

This Crypto meme video is about Zoomer and his crypto addiction that has gone too far and his girlfriend decides its time to seek help at an addiction support …

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  1. Had a similar problem back in the 2020 yield farm & token burning season, got knees deep into the amphetamines to keep me awake and never miss out.

    Gladly I did lock most of my lps up for a year and live rather well off now.

    Though I did nearly die once or twice, so stay safe friends 🙂

  2. Ok tonight was a wake up call for me. I watched solana price chart yesterday (moving around 180-200 dollars) and then went to sleep and I have dreamed that the solana price went to 20 dollars again. So i tried to asap buy it, but the app was broken. So I somehow fixed it but then the phone battery died. And by the time I fixed everything the price went back to 160 dollars. Then I woke up and decided to stop looking at daily charts. I personally will just hodl and buy the dip if there is a major crash next. No more daily chart watching for me.

  3. Like No fuking Shit thats literally the Story of my crypto addiction went in in 14th may this year cant get Off anymore and my Girlfriend literally thinks the Same as the one in the vid
    I also get No sleep anymore which is pain but…

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