Logan Paul's NFT Game CryptoZoo | Everything we Know | PancakeSwap | Price, Strategy & More

Logan Paul’s NFT Game CryptoZoo | Everything we Know | PancakeSwap | Price, Strategy & More In today’s video we break down how to pancakeswap, what …

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  1. You are and were 100% right they owe you some kinda kickback acknowledgment , something… This project is So interesting , but So scary at same time … Crypto can be really tough going for new users… , if its not sites not working correctly setting up the seed phrase hackers , its Opensea not venting there sellers , letting them sell collecting fee's , and then going in your wallet with no kinda notice or anything and removing them… thats a scam .. free NFTs with 834.00 gas fee's , how is crypto supposed to reach this Mass adoption everyone wants ? kinda like Blind Glass blowing or chefs with no smell or taste ..

  2. what time do the eggs become available? whats a safe amount to put on a bnb wallet? 0.11 eth? or should I be sure and do 0.22 eth? I want 2 at least so prepping 2 wallets!

  3. Not going to lie pretty bumped I’ve spent a whole day converting my tokens to try to get $Zoo just to find out I could have just held on to my WETH. But I do like it’s not exclusively on BSC but to do this a few days before launch 👀

  4. thanks for the video, youve got my sub ;D

    I have one question though: when I habe ETH on binance, how can I get to zoo in the fastest way? logan said its not just on BNB but also on ETH now so there has to be a new way for me now? 😅

  5. ** Looks around **

    I was told there would be pancakes to swap, and a petting Zoo

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  6. The ETH market is massive , so know he's trying to tap both now , I guessing a it will be DEX swap thingy …. sure isn't much promotion for this project ….

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