Lyn Alden: Crypto Winter in 2022?

Lyn Alden: Will there be a crypto winter or life changing gains in 2022? In this interview, we discuss all things investing, stocks, …


  1. Mad props to Lyn, as always…One thought, though…We hit the wall with the SR-71 because it was as fast as we could go without going into orbit, or doing grave environmental damage. I understand her reservations about hardware, but, if you're changing the goal or the outcome of the hardware's function, it may not be a culminating moment. I think the developmental direction is now going toward efficiency – not performance. So instead of going Mach 4, and burning a tank farm of jet or rocket fuel to do it, we go back to propellers, make it a solar aircraft, reduce the operating costs four or five-fold, make it more environmentally friendly, and make it far more financially viable long-term. I think Cathie Wood's position is that's what we're doing with the tech stocks she holds in ARK – shifting medicine from cure to diagnosis and prevention, and genetic therapies versus expensive surgery. EVs and hydrogen fuel cells versus ICEs requiring oil and gas. Robotics alleviating manpower shortages. Hardware just for the sake of style or nominal improvement is limited in value. Hardware for the sake of retooling for future constraints is priceless…Cheers…

  2. Very good interview. THANK YOU for not interrupting Lyn and allowing her to answer your questions. Too many other interviewers want to argue or show how important they are to the discussion, and those aren't useful at all. Thank you.

  3. Enough with the pie in the sky talk. IT is OVER. We don't trust anything YouTubers say anymore. We don't trust this market and we are sick and tired of being made into fools. Retail is gone and not coming back anytime soon. the manipulators have pushed it too far and people are selling and getting out. BUY the dip ???!! WHY ? So we can lose more money ? Enough is enough. Time to sell and leave the whales to play alone with their bags

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  5. I'm honestly not sure which I like better, Lyn Alden's realistic uncertainty or Michael Saylor and Raul Paul's unrealistic cock sure attitude. Either way, with about a five year horizon, all of the above seem bullish on crypto.

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