Maiar DEX Farming Denver Strategy: Earning $100/hour ($20,000 up over the last 3 days) EGLD/MEX

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  1. Staking 40k worth is a lot though. If you get 100 dollars a hour that's pretty swell, you'd be doubling your money every 17.5 days by those numbers. BUT a part of it is locked mex for a year, so you cant quite access it..?

  2. Now that the APR has come down and MEX is correcting in a major way, I'm not sure if its the best idea to put more of the unstaked EGLD to match LKMEX – afraid it will result in more impermanent loss and negate all gains

  3. Nice video! How long are you using denver strategy? πŸ™‚ Im using that aswell, but im not sure for how long i should keep on doing it and how to take profit out and put back in the maiar app?

  4. Let's imagine that I have 20 eglds, Is it possible to double my Eglds within the next month? I don't really understand how this all works, but I see those enourmous apr/apy and I get hopes… I really only wanna double my money to help me buy my first house, don't really wanna be a billionaire :p

  5. 2 questions:
    What if I decide to go out completely? Can I go out event I lock for one year?
    How can I extract daily just some earning and do NOT ruin Denver's strategy?

  6. Hi I have been watching your videos and have really enjoyed the content, Keep it up. Like yourself I'm currently waiting for my Egld to unstake. I have already already Locked MEX.

    I was going to try and follow the Denver strategy.

    So I will provide an equal EGLD value to the Mex and create EGLD-MEX LP and lock for 2xAPR then farm that?

    I was then going to Swap 50% of my reaming EGLD for MEX

    Then combine 33% of the new MEX with EGLD equal value to create EGLD-MEX LP lock for 2xAPR Then Farm

    Then combine 66% (the reaming 100%) of the new MEX with EGLD value to create EGLD-MEX LP. Then farm

    The rest is a little confusing. Don’t understand how you end up with 4 crops??

    Any help much appreciated.

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