Make over 3% a day with this modified RSI strategy – RSI crypto trading strategy Binance

Make over 3% a day with this modified RSI strategy – rsi crypto trading strategy binance 0:00 Make over a 100% month with this modified RSI strategy 0:43 The …

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  1. The party line is that CRYPTO historically have outperformed all other investment plans.
    Get in Crypto its still early
    But the dip
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  2. Thank you for this input! I have tried some of my first strategies on TV reusing some signals and they are quite working well, but it's only always for a group of coins. They seem to perform very well as long as there are no extreme shifts in the trend, for that I am thinking of an extra indicator which kicks in on extreme shifts in order to switch to short. I like the approach of the QFL to exclude certain areas from trading, above all, if 8 out of 10 trades succeed the strategy performs better if the drawdowns are minimal. Joining your Patreon would I obtain access to the G DCA backtester? And if so is the PS code editable?

  3. I am an American user and every exchange I try to pair up is PROHIBITED IN USA (Land of the free, amirite?).
    What exchange should I be using to execute these operations on as a United States user?

  4. One of the few people that I support on Patreon, not just because he absolutely kills it, but also because he is a great individual and brings quality content on his youtube channel.

  5. On your question on min 14:45… is there a correlation on volume traded of each pair with the direct results of this strategy? Meaning, lower volume pairs works best with this IFTRSI strategy?

  6. @TradingParrot: I love your stuff, but I think we are all missing out on something bigger, that we stare at every day:
    What is the exact mechanism by which coin XYZ rises and falls in concert with BTC? It goes something like this: When BTC rises, (due to an Elon tweet for example), some large institutions have bots that automatically purchase XYZ, knowing that it will also rise. Why? Because, XYZ always rises when BTC rises. And these bots (and us little folk), buy XYZ until enough of the orderbook is consumed so that XYZ is at the "right" price with respect to BTC. How else could you explain XYZ's tethering to BTC?

    So if you can crack this relationship, you can front-run it. For example, if XLM always falls by 10% when BTC falls by 3%, you can wait for BTC to dip, and short XLM accordingly before it starts to move. I suspect that if you analyze how and when each alt-coin moves with respect to BTC, something will pop out of the data that reveals the pattern. Just a hunch. =]

  7. First of all thanks a lot for all the hard work your putting to share you knowledge and experience with us !
    Im always there to try your new and old strategies and this one isn't an exclusion, setting this up now but have some error says "study Error" Study_not_auth – im still new for all this and would like to know if im missing something, thanks in addition !

  8. Great content as always. If you speak spanish, there’s a video interview on a guy that explains how to do it for each pair using python. Let me know. Greetings from South America.

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