Markets Melting! Is Crypto Dead? Bear or Bull Trap? Last Week Crypto

This is another episode of a weekly cryptocurrency news series called Last Week Crypto. We cover the latest global news stories affecting the cryptocurrency …


  1. Hmmm… could it be that the extra day between halving and the massive correction between this bull cycle versus 2017 is due to 2020 being a leap year? 🤔

  2. The World Central Banker / Robber Barrons want Total power and control over all money, and by that totalitarian control over the people. Once total power and control is established, they will be far more malevolent. It will give them total control over the people! The biblical mark of the beast, is tied directly to them for a reason. And it should put them into perspective, in relation to being a not so benevolent entity, as they would have the ignorant masses believe.

  3. Love to hear your thoughts on PathFund token. They're looking to provide bank level audit(KYC) for ICO's to mitigate risk from scam tokens.

  4. Our Government or the Fed is using there bought and paid for Liberal media to spread fear amongst you !
    Because Bitcoin is an escape from the worthless paper dollar they keep printing into oblivion !! They want you to continue too hold there dollars so they can steal your wealth too pay off the Ginormous debt they’ve created !!! Keep your US dollars and lose everything you have ever worked for ! The Fed’s lovely game of inflation , stealing the purchasing power of those dollars you hold near and dear ! They’ll soon buy you nothing ! Checks in the mail !

  5. Thank you for speaking about the force of government on this. Everyone talking about freaking Elon Musk while the U.S government does their little job nearly unnoticed.

  6. The computer with the colorful lights on your left is so beautiful. The microphone with the orange LED light is amazing. Where did you buy them? Do you have the links to purchase them? I would like to get them for my brother's birthday up-coming in June. Greatly appreciate. Thanks.

  7. You have the Cent. Banks motivation correct. They are only seeking control and power. Hence the need for “We The People” to move our wealth, those who have some anyway, into gold, silver, precious metals and the crypto currencies. They will fight to the death (figuratively) and this current financial collapse will be bumpy at best.

  8. ALIVE! Thanks Casey. Just getting started on my crypto journey last month, and even with all the dips, I'm up! This is clearly a long-game. Glad I found your channel!

  9. Everyone is buying into complete bs that no one understands beyond what they are being told to understand and by that I mean that anyone can talk in circles about scalability and quadratic sharding and never understand a thing about how to check whether it actually is sustainable. Everyone simplistically invests money now I to any bs based on hype and sure that will drive the price up but it does set the stage for sound investing. Ethereum could be a complete scam and no one will know it until they already robbed you.

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