MoonBot Cryptocurrency SCALPING TRADE BOT | Overview

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  1. Guys don't fall into Adrien's scam. There is no bot on earth that can give 1% each and every day. Adrien and Tim are scamming you with their false promises. Ask yourself this, why is he hiding his identity, excepts only crypto and shows fake livestreams and never an open trade. If these guys had a bot that generates 1% a day, you could sell it to Goldman Sachs. The last Telegram group "The Script" was suddenly offline because people paid for lifetime updates and they did not deliver. This is Bitconnect 2.0. DYOR

  2. Thanks for watching and let me know what you think about the bot!

    I forgot to mention my discount code in the video, make sure to use: Crypto_Advisor for a 10% discount!

  3. Moonbot is great, i left it before 1.5 year because it had no English resources. I found it hard to create a viable strategy with their parameters. I tried Moonshot and others but at the end i found ProfitTrailer easier even not as good as MoonBot. They need to create a library of strategies. I didn't login to Telegram for more than a year and lost all my subscriptions. We talked at your group back then

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