Most Crypto STOLEN Ever!!! (Largest DeFi Hack Steals $600 Million)

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  1. Life has knocked me down so many times that I don’t even know where to start my life from it always give me bad times every time not until a friend introduced hackerrambosmart1 on IG and @hackerrambosmart on telegram to me I don’t even have any believe in him but to my greatest surprise he hack my wallet with 15btc in just 20 minutes time and he promise to keep sending my wallet 3btc in every 3hours wow I really appreciate all your efforts sir and I will never stop telling the world how legit you are

  2. I'm sorry bro I never comment, but solar panels are not the new oil industry. On this subject you have no idea what you're talking about. They will try all they can to go green but America bleeds oil and gas and will for a long time coming. Solar panels will never surpass oil and gas or even be remotely as big as the oil and gas industry for many, many decades. Possibly centuries. Everything and anything you can put your hands on or see that we use and buy is comprised of oil and all its many byproducts. But I see what you're getting at though, and definitely do agree that they go about the wrong way overcharging and pandering to the EPA

  3. Ben Armstrong….I Have to say thank you ..i am 45 years old…I have worked my fingers to the bone to provide the best life possible for my wife and kids..I have followed you religiously for some time make my job so much easier brother.. there is not a price I can put on the information you have provided over the last yr.. you're amazing..keep doing what you do..I thank you from the bottom of my heart so very much…

  4. This BitBoy Arbitrage ad is a scam! They rip off ETH in exchange for fake LINK coins. They are deceiving the public into thinking this is a BitBoy ad, when it clearly is not. This has been running for months. The con artists are defrauding the public and Google is sanctioning it by allowing this ad to continue

  5. In 20 years there will be many more players at the head table.
    ADA will be next to the Eth & BTC and u can see that now…
    XRP in value in 20 years time will be there too.
    The market crypto will grow like the stock market did and you will invest in a sector not as we do now in general.
    I think Eth will still be the biggest crypto, but I think the platforms that launch on there infrastructure will not see value that are seen now.
    So stand alone platforms and there usages will profit in the end.
    Remember the market will be diluted alot in 20 years so profits will take longer, but it will more stable.
    Find it strange how the panels vision of crypto is similar as what we see today?????

  6. Ted Cruz is just riding the popular wave he’s a total joke of a senator. Jim Toomey is one of just a few who’s our champions in the Senate for positive US crypto advancement. In a positive note for them however, only one idiot R from Alabama objected to the joint amendment for an extra $50 bil for his friends in god knows what part of the defense Dept. Yeah , jackass Sen Shelby.

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