Nano Crypto 2021

The Nano coin may simply be the fastest crypto on the block. What gives the mighty Nano currency its zero-fee power? Tune in as we peek under the hood of …


  1. Don't you think that it's deflationary nature will actually hinder its potential usage as digital cash? I mean why would I buy coffee with it if I know that this can always go up in value. I will instead like to hodl it, just like the speculators do.

  2. Everyone with a twitter account could consider sending this video link to Musk and O'Leary. They are talking about one day having a cryptocurrency developed that can do what Nano has been doing from the start.
    I dumped bitcoin years ago and cost average buy Nano without concern of trading it. My interest is to stack it and use it as needed to make payments.

  3. Move nano directly into your digital wallet or cold storage from the exchange. This further decentralizes the currency and increases its value. 130m in circulation and still only 5 Bux. We're early🙏🏾

  4. I love NANO. That's what Bitcoin was supposed to be. What's the point of doing transactions without banks if the fees are even higher? NANO is decentralized and there are no fees at all, that's why it's clearly superior to Bitcoin.

  5. Considering using Exodus wallet? Let me tell you that Exodus is completely unsafe! Today I have found out that my Exodus wallet was hacked into and coins worth $ 5,500 were stolen. I am a tech guy and my computer is well protected. I monitor it every day and keep it safe from any spyware and malware. My password is very strong and used by me solely for the use of the Exodus wallet and I have never given it or revealed it to anyone. I was very disappointed to find out that my wallet had been broken into so easily – not to mention (and I dare say) that maybe it was an inside work. Be aware!

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