NEW Crypto Asset With INSANE Potential! 🤑

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  1. Glad you guys liked the video. I see many of you are wondering why some .crypto domains are not for sale right now. The reason why is that the super-premium domains go to auction. For example, the domain exchange.crypto will not be available. However, I did manage to pick up UKexchange.crypto for $40. That means the opportunity here is to find and stock up on those hidden gems. It's all about thinking long term and finding "long tail" keywords. Also, I would love to hear what domains you are buying. Maybe you guys can tell me all about that in the comments section and give me a few other ideas on what to load up on 😉

    Interested in getting your hands on a blockchain domain? Well, get on Unstoppable Domains now 👉

  2. It seems like they are holding back any single word in the english language. The only things are available are outting 2 words or a contraction, etc together.

  3. I just mine all set up,was alittle annoying to set up but I think in the long term it will be a nice qol and time saver in the future for receiving payments from friends/family and possibly job payment or of the such.

  4. Crypto assets are so in right now. I am actually looking for a good wallet to put all my coins in and luckily – Pillar Wallet – that's launching on June 30, 2021 has a multi chain asset management. I will have access on different crypto platforms and save in transaction fees. How cool is that.

  5. Okay, I'm in. Bought a dozen for cheap, will get the promo credits to buy plenty more cheapies. It's not easy to find things like names and common phrases and such. A lot of the good stuff is reserved or already owned. But searching is kinda fun in itself. I wish everybody good luck!

  6. Guy, many thanks for sharing this with us. As you have mentioned now is probably a good time to purchase crypto domains as it is still very early, especially if we think of how popular conventional domains are. Do you think that they could be as widespread as conventional domains in years to come?

  7. Guy really enjoying your crypto info snippets! Wow, you hammer that "I'm not a FA" on every post. You must be CYA on that one. I share your passion for all things crypto. Unfortunately that fire hot passion gets rained on quite a bit with all the hassles I personally experience with anything crypto. For some unlike yourself the maze one must transverse into this fascinating frontier is simply daunting. I spend hours trying to figure things out and experience errors with little or no help sections to guide me through. I've only watched a couple of your posts thus far so hoping you can be my guiding light in this ever expanding paradise we call block chain economics.

  8. 1) Advisable/safe payment method on unstoppable domains?
    2) Do you prefer being anonymous for payments here?
    3) Is selling anonymously possible?

  9. incredible content. Insightful, updated. Great work ethic, inspirational.
    Do you have a blockchain domain, or link, where supporters can send donations or sponsorships?

  10. Hello Coin Bureau !! I love this idea of flipping .crypto domain ! As of today ( May 2021) would you still enter this business ? Or you would say " The train is gone" ? Hope you can answer me soon ! Tx

  11. Hi guy @Coin Bureau, I bought the domain but now again the website is asking $40 when I am trying to sell it with an informational message that your domain does not claim. Why I have to pay them again for the domain claim. Kindly explain.

  12. With traditional domains you have to continually renew by paying money to the registrar to maintain control of them. Is there a similar financial outlay with blockchain domains?

  13. But how do you actually make a domain? How do they develop this there are a lot of ideas I have but they're not available to buy. So can't I just make them?

  14. When it comes to sell it, do we just put it on sale on the marketplace and wait for someone to buy it or we have to promote on social media ? And is it too late in 2021 to start ?

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