Next Best Solana | Coinbase vs. SEC?! (Bitcoin & Ethereum Recovering)

In this video we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest of the altcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Coinbase is being investigated by the SEC?

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  1. 1. Does Coinbase have a license to lend?
    2. Does a lender need a real customer service department with live knowledge customer service representatives available for questions, problems, fraud, etc.

    Yes, would be the logical answer..
    My guess is that they have neither and are both required to do lending business in the UnitedStates.
    To be fair to the customers of Coinbase both are needed for everyone's protection.
    Your opinion?

  2. Love the show and the people. Bitboy reminds me of an old pal during my formative years but the advice on what to buy when leaves a lot to be desired. First that Solana looks to be at the top and now that Algo would be an investment for the next bear market while I sit on a bag of AMP and GRT that aren’t doing anything

  3. Bitboy Crypto wants respect on his name, which we gladly will give IF he’s correct about BTC having a “blow off top”. BUT, if he is wrong… we need to start calling him “Moonboy Crypto” in the comment section. There is no middle ground. 😂

    P.S. Remember Ben called this market manipulation when BTC went down to $45k; HOWEVER, a week ago he was saying BTC wasn’t going up anymore because retail investors were exhausted, and they needed big money (positive market manipulation) to come through. I’m not making this up 😂.

  4. One difference now from past cycles is large corrections are occuring in just minutes or hours, not days. These corrections maybe initiated by whales, but when there are massive amounts of leveraged trade positions on the market (the greedy's) this can cause a falling domino's effect. As the 1st leverage traders get called out and burnt this causes the price to fall which then calls out and burns the next lower positions of leverage traders and so on until most are wiped out. Also important to note that many exchanges are overloaded and fail during large fast corrections preventing leverage traders from protecting, adjusting or exiting their positions at these crucial moments, they just wrecked.
    So Why??? when there is already so much money to be made just buying crypto, do the greedy have to introduce these reckless tools from other markets and then the irresponsible promote them. Just results in the MAJORITY of users eventually getting wrecked, who could have done fantastic just with standard buy and sell strategies.

  5. i hope the crypto community that turns up on this show dont change like this as they get "richer". since when these crypto channels was about who is right who is wrong. didn it start as we share something and hope we are right.. now its like if we are right we shit on everyone else by just reminding WE ARE RIGHT over n over but be politically correct enough to just not fire direct shots but fire shots anyways. Ben the reason most people believed you and listen and grew your squad was coz you didn tell us too. you didn tell people ur the best thats why you became the best. guess being on the top gives you the right to do or say whatever you want and forget where you from. YOU ARE EVEN SHIITING ON TJ dude….

  6. the show is getting more and more who will or has the bigger d**k man. we get it. its shitty but balance it out with more news. as a daily watcher the difference of how much ben as changed is insanely obvious. dont get me wrong. im a fan…. but im also trying to learn something. who gives a f if right or wrong. extend , when end when start who cares…. just bladdy focus on the money and cryto news and strat man

  7. Question what do you think happens to price of bitcoin in October if congress fails to act on raising debt ceiling in September?I know we are thinking bull market 4 crypto could possibly end in September. Curious about your thoughts I’ve read talk of rising interest rates stock market and 401k could be materially impacted if congress fails to act per yellen and usa starts defaulting on debt. Appreciate all the videos

  8. The bears didn’t say shit when we had 10 green daily candles In a row. 1 big red candle everybody is bishing?? Everyone will pick up this dip stay calm we are going far up it’s is just the engine start. Talk from nonhumans.

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