After VISA bought a CryptoPunk, the volume and demand of many NFT projects has been taking off. In this video, we discuss good NFT sets and what to look for …

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  2. yea its a bubble and ya u will be rich soon. Just mint and dump when the hype is fresh, never hold because the market will inevitably dump

  3. Agree with you. NFT wave has just started, it has a long way to go. Accumulated some cool NFTs and staking LOCG now. Staking LOCG offers free NFTs to their stakers.

  4. This is so dumb! NFT’s are only really worth anything if they have utility or sentimental value. Just minting new random cartoons is only a greater fools game.

  5. Please make a video on “ioi” token! ioi Trade Racer. You can actually make $600 a day playing this game on day 58 on of racing! Crazy! You can quit your day job! Check it out!

  6. Cardano will beat them all folks.. they know how amazing Cardano is. Dont be fooled.
    The goal is to take the #1 spot. They will try to fool you by pumping Ethereum and Bitcoin. Scoop every ADA you can

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