Permanent Mask Wearing Is Coming, Crypto Market Is Healing, Oil Prices Surge

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  1. The Vaccine is only to protect your organs if you get COVID. It doesn’t prevent you from getting COVID-19. People are told this at the Hospital when they get the Vaccine it’s not 100/% guaranteed only 95/% preventable of getting COVID. That’s why we still need to wear a mask when going out because no one ask for proof of getting the Vaccine whenever you go out to a Public place.

  2. I wear it at all times when I go out. I hate it with a Passion. God don’t intend for us to live out our lives like this. I work at a Hospital so I wear one all day. It’s not healthy at all and they break out your face.

  3. Olive oil to remove sap 4 Grover. Sap from pine tree. Farm day care is the best for them. Be sure Grover's health immune system is top form. Then he will not get doggies virus/cough.
    I don't eat MD.

  4. I like this show but I am so sick of hearing about stocks on every youtube channel. Do we all have to take a chance on stocks and investing now days to actually earn money.

  5. The question is why are they trying to get us to wear mask all the time or permanently , what do they know that we don't, I have heard that another pandemic is coming maybe a different virus and the has been talked about for quite a few years. I can't believe this is a lie, I would doubt they want to kill off all of their tax payers. This is bad and America may never be the same.

  6. imagine that the vaccsine only made you less sick? if thats the case and it is, how is it important that everybody gets it? should not just the ppl who are scared and feel like thay should get a lil protected get it and call it good? what is going on why is inportant that we all get it when you still can get the virus and give to others no matter if you got the jab, this makes no sense at all, foo fighters are just playing politics trying to get ppl to get the jab for who knows why anymore…

  7. Schedule changes ok, but no squeaky treadmill, okays? Lol
    Really looking forward to your trade training video. Thanks for your creativity, aethetic sensibilities and desire to teach…u ham.

  8. West Virginia needs to lift its people out of 'inbred hillbilly' culture. More free colleges, affordable housing and low educational bar entry jobs/ Industry. Major Green contractors should be incentivized to build their huge projects there.

  9. Dont understand why folks are still bitchin. nothing is 100%…including the Vaccine and masks…its called reducing the risk. Its just a way to help reduce the spread weather its a virus, bacteria etc.doesnt matter. You can still get COVID even if you are vaccinated just the same as wearing a mask but both are the best risk reducing options we have at the moment. Either be safe and hopefully not die or kill someone else or dont be safe and hopefully not die or kill someone else!

  10. Are we not oil sufficient. What's up with the pipeline and all that oil find in north Dakota. Its all propaganda for the stinking rich to recover their losses. Its all BS.
    Should America go to a labor strike to stop this stupidity all across the board?

  11. To get gum out of children's hair you rub in creamy peanut butter and wash the hair after You might try it on the tree sap. At least you know that won't hurt the dog.

  12. This Coors bear dream foolishness is another form of GREED! Not only that, it is intrusive and evil. They are taking advantage of people who would do anything just to say they did this or foolishly find it to be cool. This is not good at all.

  13. Remember, the vaccine is not FDA approved. It was devised to lessen the chance of getting the virus and hopefully help those who had it. Keep in mind, even if taken the vaccine, it doesn't prevent you from getting the virus, but does helps you with the severity of it and heal much better. So, wear your mask when around crowds of people, whether you have taken the vaccine or not.

  14. Clayton, I think it is a combination of mask, hand washing, alcohol pad usage, social distancing when needed. I have no problem wearing my mask. I have some cool masks now. Different colors and designs, fashionable! A law to wear one, I am not in favor of.

  15. I would not appreciate anyone kissing my pregnant belly asking or not asking permission. No way! My husband naturally, yes. He's the only one. Anyone unfamiliar to me touching my belly is very unnerving to me. Natalie was brave.

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