Pionex Crypto Trading Bot Tutorial (Best Crypto Trading Bots)

Pionex crypto trading bot tutorial – learn how to use the best crypto trading bots on Pionex Trade on Pionex: …


  1. James, I truly appreciate your YT videos and your course. 1 question regarding the Arbitrage bot- if the apy for the bot is around 8-9 % why wouldn't one simply make a deposit
    into anchor protocol to earn 19.5 apy?

  2. What happens within Grid bot trading if the price stays outside of your set parameters and never comes back within the grid AI/Manual set parameters, can we change the parameters after we have created the bot or do we need to close the bot or will it change the parameters automatically?

  3. Hey, bro! I would like to know is the "LEVEL.1 verification" sufficient for using Pionex bot?

    Im asking you this question because their system doesnt want to approve my Ukrainian passport to verify my account with LV.2 level.

  4. Hy. You gave the exemple with the grid bot only in the case when are many consecutive drops and it buys.. but what happens in the case with many consecutive up's ? I mean in the case you buy, you have 2 drops,it buys, then 2 up, it sells. but after that let s say there are 10 more up's… What happens ?

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