Prices crashing! When next bull run?? "Economics", Market Analysis, Crypto Price Cycles (Part 1)

Video Part 2: • Crypto is the vehicle that frees man from the abuse of Economics. • What does the word “economics” mean?


  1. 1:40 Nah…a better definition of economics is the allocation of scarce resources that have alternative uses – from Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics" book.

  2. I still really like cardano despite it being under a year old and feel it's still in that awkward growing up stage which is exciting for me. Plus because things like Neo had to have its blockchain restarted, ETH is inflationary and doesn't have a fixed supply, hackers target it frequently, but they still hold value* if you compare these mature platforms as apples to oranges and cardano is a little fruit seed under the most stringent scientific rigor, I think it's safe to say fundamentals and IOHK will deliver a working product no matter what. Off note not a platform but- even Ripple with such a high supply can hit $3. You won't need to be a millionaire to deploy a dapp on cardano either and they've streamlined Marlowe so dapps can be made very fast with minimal programming knowledge, things can be embedded into your code of choice and backwards compatibility on many levels and everyone can earn with staking even the little guy, plus staking will tighten the circulating supply over time once price creates incentive. I agree overall with your part 1 and 2 video and subbed thank you for sharing this!!

  3. ill play the devils advocate here about the tax and much as i hate it, its a necessary evil to develop our infrastructure..who's going to develop our roads, plan the cities, and offer services like fire and police if it wasn't for the government asking for money to fund them? i lived in a country with soo much corruption in plain view and poor city planning that it was very evident to see the effects of poor governmental management just by going to the capital. it's hard to progress as society without "good" government intervention

  4. OMG just reached under 4 dollar per token. That is an absolute steal! The dividends alone will pay you back in no time

  5. Not all tax is theft. Do you drive on the roads? They are a common 'public' property that you benefit from. They aren't free. It's either have a tax to pay for them, or have all roads as toll roads and pay every time you use it. Take your pick. That's just one example.

  6. I stopped looking at the price of EOS and I just concentrate on loading up on more EOS on the up and down price fluctuations, try to take out the drama and bring in your trading techniques to get more EOS…learn to use the free crypto charts from Trading view and that would save ya a ton of money :)))

  7. Great information Colin! I love your channel! QUESTION: I've had a coinbase/coinbase-pro account for 3 days. They limit transactions to $1K per day and hold the BTC I purchase for 3 weeks before I can move it… for example to Binance! Is there a better place to buy and trade without the nonsense?

  8. Thanks for the info Colin. I may be missing something, however I can't get too excited about a correlation between volume and $cap. Let's say the volume is driven by sellers. Couldn't you expect to see major volume increases with a falling price and cap?

  9. I have many holdings and my goodness, how does one not buy right now? We're seeing new lows for the year. I'm thinking I almost have to buy to bring the dollar average down….. But how low will it go?

    Didn't know you were such a crypto OG…. 😉

  10. Colin – thanks for your posts! QUESTION: I have some EOS on Binance but can’t withdraw it into my SimplEOS wallet without trading it (not now at $4.88). What exchange do you recommend over binance?? Huobi? Help! Thank you!!!

  11. Hi, Colin. Have you done any analysis of all the Dapps under development? I think it will be interesting to analysis them and pick some with top 10 potential. Investing in Dapps is also challenging. If there is any successful apps can be redesigned on Dapps, it may be another good project to invest. I am not sure whether I am correct. Let say if FB EOS version is created, do you think that it will succeed?

  12. Were sliding still!! I pulled all my secondary crypto and put into tusd. I'm keeping my eos in… it's all staked anyway.
    when eos hits the low, which may be around 2 or 3, ill take the tether, buy btc and trade for larger stakes in EOS. I'll just go all in for eos. reason being… it's the only crypto I truly believe in, win or lose. I may even put another 25k into coinbase and buy more. I could have sold EOS at 20. and made a large amount of money, but I'm holding firm, and being so, I've lost 25k so far, and may lose a lot more if we go to 2 or 3

  13. If the dollar is worth less than 4% its original value oficially, and the less than 4%'s worth, in terms of purchasing power that we receive through wages still get taxed by 50%(considering everything we buy is also taxed), then we get 2%'s worth of what we should get…No wonder why most people around the world are working hard just to pay bills and many have to work after retired… this is insane the level of slavery that we are into just because of these criminals. I know we libertarians complain about taxation being theft, but taxation is the tip of the iceberg really… the system has to be re built from scratch either with gold and silver, or a crypto that can has privacy, enough TPS to support global adoption and no fees. Perhaps a new type of bitcoin build on EOS ?

  14. Love your content Colin! 1 point I want to make regarding the Top 20 market cap vs volume: Remember that shorting / selling still counts as volume. If something dumps really heavy it will appear larger on the volume chart. ie, it doesn't mean it's growing any more than it could mean it's sinking. That being said it's true that low volume = more bot trading / volatiility + easier to short.. So it could possibly be said that during a bear market, the larger volume squares = decreasing faster and during bull market larger volume squares = growing.

  15. Thanks Collin that was great, I really got a lot out of your description of current market moves. Love your series on EOS, set up my EOS account last night and ready to invest in some more later tonight, thanks Collin, so glad you are in this space to help us new to "Economics", Market Analysis, etc. ive been involved now for about 18 months and I feel I am starting to understand how it works more every day. I was never interested before finding crypto, now I am totally absorbed by it. Keep up the good work, I love your videos, Andrew

  16. trading crypto became a way of life with bitcoin I had my dreams come true trade crypto ands start a journey to your own dreams coming true

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