PROFIT UPDATE Binance Exchange FREE Futures Bitcoin $BTC NEUTRAL Strategy Trading Crypto Grid Bot

PROFIT UPDATE Binance Exchange FREE Futures Bitcoin $BTC NEUTRAL Strategy Trading Crypto Grid Bot VIDEO How To Setup NEUTRAL Strategy Trading …


  1. Thank you. I enjoy watching your videos. However, I am on a demo account using Bitsgap testing gridbots on some of the coin pairs. Some return was not good and the amount of transactions are high. After running about a day, it had over 150+ transactions and only a 1% return. That shouldn't even cover the transaction fees, right?

    Also, how bad was it if we run into another market crash or crazy up move that moves say 20%. Will that wipe out the account completely since all the bids or offers will get hit or lifted without having even a small retracement to flat trades? thanks in advance.

  2. thanks for all your video's Recon really appreciate your time ,beginner question re liquidation i see my liquidation price rising towards my lower limit and hit the panic button and tip in more usdt manually to knock it back down and get a better margin ratio.Wondering if you do similar or have any comments on that please ? tia

  3. Hey, for the grid trading bot, if the price of the coin goes below the SL Bottom Price, i lose it all? Also, if it goes above the SL Top Price?

  4. as someone who has been using both binance and bitsgap for just over a month I wan tto thank you for this video as I have been seriously considering using margin trading but there aren't many videos as clear and as detailed as yours. my biggest concern with margin trading prior to watching your videos was having to commit to a long/short position which makes litle sense when you are using a bot. now i know there is a neutral option :-). Thanks

    also can i employ the bitsgap bot for this type of trading?

  5. I don't quite understand the "dynamics" yet. For what kind of markets is it ideal? In what kind of markets is liquidation or negatitve PnL more likely with this bot? How does one obtain ideal price ranges and stop triggers increasing chances for profit? Especially this: What are its weaknesses? Does it handle flash crashes and pumps well?

  6. Hi, wanna thanks for your vids, learnt alot. And finally i tried opening a binance bot. But i think something is strange in the case of liquidation. When i manually trade futures eg using initial $10, when liquidated it will left $1-2. But when i try the bot, my initial investment can still survive 70-80% after liquidated and stopped. Apparently bot doesnt use all my initial $10. Did you notice it ?
    PS: ofc i dont want to be liquidated, but things happened.

  7. Hi there, great video…have subscribed. Just a quick question if I may. I am still a little unsure about the initial leverage function. You say that your exposure is $251 if this bot goes wrong. However, if you set the leverage value to say 50X could you be stuck in position of owing Binance money? I'm just unsure what Binance gains from allowing you to leverage at higher and higher levels. Apologies if this is a dumb question. C

  8. Which trading site is best for cryptocurrency arbitrage? Are there exchanges where it is more advantageous to buy and exchanges that are more advantageous to sell?

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