Revealing My $800,000 Stock/Crypto Investment Portfolio | High Risk Portfolio | Young Millionaire

Instagram: unbreakablegrind | Topic: I have roughly 1.8 million in stock/crypto. In this video I reveal my 800k worth …

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  1. bro bro so proud of your success and your content. hey you would kill it on money twitter. you could probably take this channel to 20k subscribers with little effort just by being on twitter. keep hustling

  2. Since we are showing account balances, can I ask how much your job paid you in salary at each age of your life? I am a long-time supporter and believe you and everything you preach. I am just trying to wrap my head around going from negative 200k to over 1mil in net in your 20's. I appreciate you big man.

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  4. Thanks for keeping the heat coming. When I first got into investing in stocks I came across your page and you made a video investing into Nio. I did the same thing and watched it rise. I should of took out when it hit $63 but oh well. Still learning. Again thanks for everything and keep that heat coming.

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