SafeMoon a buy Right Now? Cryptocurrency Price Prediction

Let’s Look at SafeMoon

The cryptocurrency market is always very unpredictable; one day your portfolio may take a 10% gain and then the next day go down by 20%. Of course, this is not the case if you invest your hard-earned money into the correct tokens such as Stellar Lumens, XRP instead of really risky ones like dogecoin or something like that. Today, we are going to look at whether SafeMoon is a stable one like the ones mentioned and if you should invest now or wait for a bigger dip. 

How Safe is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon is not really the safest cryptocurrency for you to invest your money in. Although SafeMoon is definitely much better then many other pump and dump cryptos out there, right now it is simply not a very safe investment to make. If you aren’t looking to risk a lot, it is probably better to stay away from SafeMoon and look at these other cryptocurrencies that are safer.  If you are a more risky investor, SafeMoon may be the coin for you because it is not super risky so you wouldn’t loose everything in a day but you can possible get large profits in return.

What do the Charts say?

Right now SafeMoon has fallen away from a bullish scenario and now it is getting dangerously close to a correction. Right now SafeMoon is at about $0.000003027 and currently it is in a very venerable position. According to the latest analytics, if SafeMoon falls down to about $0.0000028 it will head towards a correction, meaning even more decline. 

Should you Buy SafeMoon?

Right now, SafeMoon is not a very good investment. It is very risky and there is a good chance that it will fall down even lower then what it currently is. If you are willing to take the risk, it can increase by a good amount very quickly but if you aren’t looking to risk your investment, it is best to look elsewhere. 

Good Investments Right now

Right now a good cryptocurrency that you can invest in is VeChain or VET. You can check out other cryptocurrencies on our crypto page. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on crypto. 

VeChain is a blockchain-powered supply chain platform and their aim is to distribute governance as well as IoT technology so that they can create an ecosystem which can solve major problems with supply chain management. The VeChain platform uses VET and VTHO as its main tokens and their aim is to boost the efficiency and transparency of supply chains while reducing costs and giving individual users more control. 

This is important because most other crypto networks  some sort of exchange in which people can transfer money but VeChain is very different. This means that VeChain stands out from the competition and as the crypto community grows more and more…..

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