Should I sell my Eth? Well there is more money to be made in other ALTCOINS LOOKING FOR MORE? PATREON …

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  1. Good thoughts, I can understand people selling for prof and switching to other lower cap coins. Unfortunately for silly me, I got in too high so I'm going to HODL and hope for 5k+ then re-evaluate as I don't want to sell or swap any coin at a loss. Thanks for the update Chris.

  2. Crypto currencies really profitable, Actually I was thinking of going into stocks or index fund but I heard that Crypto is very easy to access and make fast money.please can I get a response from anyone concerning my question, I'm pretty confused here .

  3. Market cap is a big deal since there is more upside on smaller caps but another catalyst is if these other projects have a erc20 converter that is fractions of the gas fees that ETHEREUM has. Those two factors should play a large roll in losing market share and nice returns on these other cryptocurrencys you mentioned. Thanks for the informative video we appreciate it! Cheers!

  4. The Etheruem free pass scandal is a train wreck about to happen. The SEC will be forced to go after the ‘centralised’ Etheruem foundation once it’s done with XRP. Etheruem is a ‘demo’ hence the need for Etheruem 2.0. Other assets will leave Etheruem in the dust

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