Somnium Space Review 100x CRYPTO Investment OPPORTUNITY!!?

On this video I review which I believe could be a 10x or even 100x crypto investment in 2021. Somnium Space, another Metaverse or Virtual World based on …

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  1. Dude, you’re doing Great with 9000k. This project will range in the hundreds. It’s a special project. There are unconventional reasons I say that. Hold strong. I wish I stumbled upon your video 8 months ago.

  2. I just started somniun space in VR only played it for like an Hour I was totally hooked. It reminded me of HOME for the ps3. It was a blast playing with The bird people. Bird man bald eagle dude and the blue and green bird looking dudes!!! I will plug in more time in the future.

  3. Shame I have to update people that although the world is open , things I purchased in 2018 have NOT been delivered to me. 2 directors have resigned from the company and I have been banned from their discord channel for asking for my digital goods. I will be taking Somnium Space to court. Such a shame Artur wont talk sensibly about things.

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