SteveWillDoIt's Dark Secret – ROOBET'S HOUSE OF CARDS EP. 1


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  1. UPDATE: SteveWillDoIt's Gambling channel deleted all of it's videos, his LIVE channel was deleted completely and Lucas from NELK deleted all his VODS. Archive while you can.
    They're scared of what's coming….

  2. Coffee you need to also investigate Xposed – he is a gambler also using Roobet playing with fake money so that his fans pump money into Roobet…..

  3. The reality we exist in is fucking unbelievable. I haven’t seen such douchery since Jersey Shore premiered 50 years ago. I never thought it would be topped.

  4. Really love the work you're doing here, but I personally don't like the over dramatic tone you are trying to get across. It comes off as pretentious and annoying, especially if you're trying to expose pretentious and annoying people.

  5. This coffeezilla guy seems like a big hater looking to take down people who get success. Just becuase this guy says something doesnt mean hes right. How about trying to make ur own money instead of wastin ur life hatin brah

  6. Saw a video of and old rich dude who owns a patent on ever transaction Americans make and takes a couple of pennies of every purchase. His invention sorta like crypto stop hating and make ur own bag 😄😄😄

  7. These online casino's have set coded algorithms to keep the average person consistently losing, but have a few nice wins sprinkled in between to keep you hooked, and keep you losing money. Steve has a a special account gifted to him with play money where he will continuously win big. Ever wonder how he loses all his money in regular casino's and needs Dana White to bail him out, but somehow he is talented enough to win big everyday on Roobet

  8. Tbh who cares, let them be. The amount of illegal stuff that goes on in the financial world on a daily basis trumps anything these "kids" are doing. Stop trying to make money off of ousting other people

  9. That’s a perfect concept, different games have different odds therefore the games where odds are more in the fans favor, the casino will make less and pay the influencer less while the fan makes more, when fans play games with lesser odds the casino knows that overall they will be making more money so can give the influencer more money, makes perfect sense

  10. Steve: Hey you broke moron, do your research
    > do your research

    Stephen and Muta: LOL OK releases collaborative series exposing the entire operation

    Steve and others: shocked pikachu face

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