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  1. One project I’ve got my eye on is sponsee, fully doxxed and they actually have a real case use and the team is very transparent which is always a good sign. Public launch on the 12 nov, trust me you don’t want to miss it

  2. The more I watch this channel the more I realize you have no fucking Idea what you are talking about…. Hex isn't even worth mentioning. If you made the gains off crypto that you portray then you wouldn't have to do investor excellarator courses and YouTube. No wonder nobody wants you on their channel anymore

  3. The problem is it's very arbitrary. 100% hindsight, and captain hindsight is always right. Also these emo-charts are textbook examples, they don't always come true. So once again, it's arbitrary, trying to find order where there is none.

  4. Love from Sydney, Imagine you become a guru of me at this young age,I regret not following each of your advice when I was early in crypto,still, I am a baby to this world ..but yeah you are an amazing couch

  5. What I don't understand is if bitcoin Is potentially heading to say 100k why would anyone "fomo" I'nto something that they would barely get a 2x from

  6. great example with HEX! And you also see the "true believers" posting "buy hex!!!" in unrelated stories and videos…alas, this is not how markets work, as you demonstrate so well! Thanks again for your even keel presentations!

  7. Amongst all the hype and “hopeum”, you provide a calm, grounded view on the market. Great to hear something more sensible than just “Bitcoin could be 1 million by the end of the year!” Keep up the great work, thanks mate

  8. I'm selling at or before Christmas. My take is there is massive optimism on the run up to the new year, and the party is over once the new year hangover kicks in.
    I could be wrong but I'm happy to take the profits I have vs ride the likely massively volatile market post new year for an extra 20-30% gain.

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