Testing Apex Crypto Trading Bot – Successful Strategy

We completed our 50 trade test of the Apex Crypto Trading Bot and had a 66% win rate vs a 34% loss rate. Check out our settings in the video. Get a free 7 day …

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  1. Should revisit if you haven't. Now they have automated reverse trading and other cool stuff. I recently went back after being away and I can get 50+ per day and no losses yet. Of course the 50 per day depends on the market and position size, balance, etc… I went Live with $1000

  2. Hi Digital Moneta, I had a question, I have another bot running on my binance account, take for example cryptohopper, can you run two bots for example apextrader and cryptohopper on 1 binance account on different pairs?? do you have any experiences with running multiple bots on 1 account? Just curious!

  3. Hi. I've used Cryptohopper previously and found it to be slow & not tracking the price movement on the underlying accurately. I have a question for you: Which do you prefer, Cryptohopper V's Apex? And why? Many thanks. (PS: Maybe you could do a comparison video for your YouTube channel).

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