The Absolute Lowest Bitcoin Can Go!! (Worst Case For Crypto)

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  1. i remember when pepole doubted we would have a alt season and now they say btc dominance wont got to 70% . we have been here BTC will go up alts go to zero we will have a alt season again !

  2. What a bunch of noobs. ITs easy! Downtrending line of resistance and made a new low. We re headed lower, sell er now boys! deals to be had lower.

  3. A month ago I was introduced to Austin .a professional expert who have been in charge of my trade.i have earn multiple profit for months now!

  4. The dudes need crypto anonymous…like AA is for alcoholics they need CA. They are addicted to crypto and don't understand anything. Invest in Stocks and precious metals as well as crypto. That way when crypto is crashing your other investments will balance that out. Buy some rental properties and start a business other then YouTube views. Because when your audience realize you have no idea what you are talking about and stop watching your YouTube you won't have any money left. I understand you are living off YouTube views for now but one day that will end. Then what? Imagine BTC going to 20k and half your viewers stop watching your vids. Then you are broke.

  5. Bear market till sept than bull market starts. They will gradually drop the alts to the level when bitcoin was 20-25k in dec 20. The alts still high so till sept they will play with btc to drop the alts. But I dont think btc will drop less than 23k than once alts also ready than btc will hit 100-135k by d end off d yr. Not investment advice, just sharing my thoughts :)))

  6. I see my comment is no longer showing… pfff hahaha.. yesterday afternoon altcoin cap we bounced off the peak in feb that broke the 2017 all time high found good support at 595b.. bullishness began.. they don’t think this is worth mentioning? Not to report this is a manipulation in its self not to the market but to their viewers.. it’s clear the s**t sqaud don’t have a clue what’s going on or they know exactly what they are doing and have a different agenda than that on display..

  7. NFTTONE is a doxxed, decentralized and social NFT marketplace where you can turn your songs, music, performance or TONE’s into unique NFT’s.

    Right now there are about 19k holders and 1 million marketcap. It will be easy to reach 10-100 million usd at short time, 100million – 1 billion usd in medium time and 1 billion+ usd at long time.

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