THE BEST 2 Swing Trading Strategies You Can't Miss… Forex, Crypto & Stocks | Forex Trading Lions

These are the 2 best swing trading strategies in forex! If you want to swing trade properly and dominate the markets, this video will …


  1. Recently joined the VIP group and the signals are fantastic, best signal provider out there, also learning while i earn from the channel, Join VIP guys you will not be disappointed.

  2. Hey man loving the analysis!! Can you do a video on how to trade the London breakout to get the direction of the market correct,
    or maybe how to trade with a smaller stop loss with your signals Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  3. Very nice and helpful video! I'm very interested in learning how to trade in the Forex market and your videos already helped me to learn a lot. Right now I'm still trading (or better I try to trade 😉 ) on a demo account until I become more profitable and find a strategy. I also joined your Telegram channel, it looks very nice! Greetings from 🇩🇪😁✌🏻

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