The BIGGEST Lie In Crypto! (Ethereum ATH + Solana Crushing Competition)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto …

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  1. BitBoy you are a true peoples champ where as Pomp is very smart with economy and investments also, i just feel like the BTC "maxi's" per say are a little upset that BTC for weeks is just sitting when other people are making crazy gains so they always feel like they have to explain or back up whiy BTC is so great. Listen BTC is absolutely amazing and is NOT going away anytimeeee soon, but there is plentyyyy of other projects to do research on and invest in and make money on. Everyone needs to do their own research and lets all work together, go to the next project, and lets frickin kill it $$$ , this is no time to fight amongst peers in the space unless they are a scam scumbag and lets build this space to 10 TRILLION!

  2. i wish i saw this live. I gained a lot of respect for you for holding to what you actually say and do. both of you do the thumb nails. him putting someones name in the title is no different. i didn't watch that 20Mil video of his because i thought the title was ridiculous. When i see someone elses name in the title i don't think it's that persons opinion. Keep doing what you do Ben! You do way more deep research on these tokens and coins than Pomp. Although i'm not a fan of click bait, you are far more qualified to do it because of the research you do. You and a couple other channels have helped me grow my portfolio almost 10x from a year ago… Pomps info is more high level, dinosaur economy news, my money was moving to slow with his news. Much respect brother!

  3. Just watched the interview you had on Pomp's channel yesterday (nov 4), You were GREAT Bitboy. You gained my respect. You managed yourself very well even when Pomp didn't let you talk speaking over you again and again with disrespect. I didn't know you much before that. God bless transparent, caring and good hearted people like you

  4. I dont particularly like Bens show, personal choice. Some shilling we have to accept, however Ben was right to defend himself . Pomp was the asshole in this case and made a dick out of himself . Big respect to Ben for going on to answer him.

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