THE DOTS KEEP CONNECTING! HAVE A CRYPTO EXIT STRATEGY. We recently received board approval to purchase over $500M of crypto on our balance …

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  1. Coach I have a very similar background…minus being a banker but your channel and daily insight has been such a mental and emotional uplift you helped me get my brain in the zone man much love bro 🤘

  2. If you’re on the fence with crypto’s long term future then yes, a solid exit strategy is important. If you truly believe digital currency is the future and fiat is a dinosaur on its way to extinction, why in the world would you exit back onto fiat??? Yes. I get the whole (Sell high and buy back in low) strategy, but statistically, the VAST majority of those who try to time the market end up getting screwed or worse….missing out on the parabolic gains by jumping out too soon.

  3. I'm on the train watching your video and the guy next to me is on Instagram watching crap… I'm going to be rich!!

  4. Experience…. Our #1 asset. Thank you for the transparency and story of your past life. It makes a difference to those who have learned how to … how to…. wait for it ……….LISTEN! ( an art form for the mind)

  5. Thank you again Coach. Question: at present My schedule does not allow me time at present to commit to the 120 day challenge but I am seeking help understanding Exit strategy. Do you offer a course whereby right now before this bowl market goes bananas that I can study with you on exit strategy?

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