The Future of Crypto: Asset-backed lending for crypto – Zac Prince, Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki

The future for cryptocurrencies is bright, but one thing that has held it back from being adopted by the masses is its ability to be used in the existing financial …


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  2. This was a tough thing to watch… Robert's cognitive impairment is rough to watch .. It was like watching someone explain what the internet is to a caveman.. Oh well..

  3. Disappointed in this video Mr. Kiyosaki. You asked tough questions, but it seems like you didn’t actually want to hear your guest out

  4. It sounds that the busienss is built on high return on arbitrage. As soon as the arbitragers cant make 9-10% return, they cant afford to borrow from BlockFi. Hence BlockFi cant pays 8.6% to depositors anymore. Let alone there will be more and more competitors into this lending spaces to compete on rates. It all sounds like 1980's private loan businesses to me….

  5. Robert Kiyosaki should make an interview with Charles Hoskinson. Charles co-founded Ethereum and Cardano to improve the blockchain.

  6. Robert should not invest in Bitcoin or any crypto currencies. He has a lot to learn. I appreciate his tough questions but his lack of knowledge of the industry is obvious.

  7. of course Pompliano recommended him because hes an investor of blockfi. Please interview Alex Mashinsky. Hes the best! Celsius network is way better

  8. commenting for robert kiyosaki- zac is saying anyone can start a cryptocurrency with their computer, but they cannot make another bitcoin because of its network effect and reputation obviously. there are so many other crypto currencies which is obvious that you can start one but none is as successful as bitcoin due to its network effect which is near to impossible to create. thank you.

  9. The problem is that crypto is already showing that its goal is to bring us all into a cashless society. This is enough to keep me far from it. Moreover, I do not participate in financial pyramids and systems that are not transparent enough to feel safe usiing. Some things are unavoidable. Crypto future is if only people start seeing its true colours.

  10. Robert can you get somebody on to talk about the stable coins and the supposed US dollar equivalent coins that are popping up and also can you get somebody on to talk about the Oracle blockchains that are starting to emerge onto the market

  11. Bitcoin is not a brand it is a network that people have chosen to adopt and no it doesn't take any old computer if you want to keep up with the pace of mining you have to buy the latest and greatest mining rig with more computational power which cost thousands of dollars or you can get an older generation mining rig and mine at a slower rate and those get paid at a slower rate

  12. There is an arbitrage market that is made by the varying ID identity requirements of the various exchanges I learned this the hard way when I bought my first house with Bitcoin different prices everywhere

  13. If Robert is so smart, why does he have so much gold? He said he's holding gold and bitcoin…BAD MOVE. His gold is just gonna cripple him over time. Gold is DEAD. Long live bitcoin!

  14. The reason Robert was a little full on was unfortunatly Zac was not able to explain in detail without changing the subject to how he is able to pay 8.6% and how he can promise a high yield. I would have liked to hear more about what Zac had to say without talking too hearing too much about robots gold mine. Everything has risk, but with knowledge minimise risk. I think it was explained about the risk to crazy Joe, he said if you need to borrow $5000 cash you would need to have 10,000 worth of bitcoin in his storage. So if Joe was to run off with the $5000 he would be down $10k worth of bitcoin.
    My question is what if the "Value" of bitcoin was say 10k you lend out the $5k cash and the market devalued to say $1000 bitcoin what happens then? liquidation would mean you take the Bitcoin to cover the loan but how does the person pay the $5k if the value of the bitcoin is $1000? does he foreclose on the loan?

  15. ****Taking out a US dollar loan against Bitcoin is a non-taxable event. Otherwise, sell your bitcoin the regular way and pay capital gains tax.****

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