The History of Money & The Potential of Crypto – Raoul Pal

After Skool NFTs are here! Raoul Pal is CEO & Co-Founder, Real Vision Group …

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  1. What if every registered individual person (company) within a nation were to maintain their own currency or coin that can only be used to purchase national currency for going about the business of earning a living. These individual crypto currencies could all remain at 1,000,000 units with a corresponding change in exchange rate to maintain the value. If you possess characteristic assets that are of value, you earn lots of nation currency while you go about the business of earning a living, then you can invest into your own currency, or you maybe you possess some characteristic liabilities that make it difficult to be employed then you can use your currency to provide yourself a basic income. This could allow everyone to go about earning a living without the need for wealth redistribution, which is the downfall of socialist / commie Bull Shit. It would need to be governed so citizens who struggle with the concept of what money actually is will not devalue their own currency by splurging like they just won the lotto. This would present an alternative means for creation of money rather than relying on internation debt and government authorized banks in the fiat system. This would give the people the power to devalue or not devalue the national currency. This could lead to better democracies than our present day oligarchies and provide a gentle transition towards a crypto future.

  2. Storytelling at its finest, thanks!

    Just one question; why would the global elite willingly cede control over monetary policy? Or what stops central banks regulating decentralised crypto to perpetuate fiat, or railroading it with their own centralised version?

    That's the bet. I can't figure out the odds. And I dont like going all-in blind with my savings!

  3. The worst part about cryptocurrency is that it's too transparent. Every purchase ever made is traced to your home address, Socialism Security number, and often a picture of your face, thanks to KYC, and the USA nanny state. Cash doesn't have all that transparency.

  4. Can we use bitcoins to buy food, pay rent or morgage and get patrol for our cars? If internet companies don't accept your bitcoin and they shut you off from the internet, how can you access your money?
    Evry system that needs internet access can be controlled, because the internet can be controlled. If the powers-that-be want to shut down the internet, they can. Now being done in Kazachstan.
    And the elite will defintely have bought themselves deep into every existing crypto system, controling it from the inside out. As long as those powers are still in place, change is not really change but more of the same…

  5. This guy is a shitcoiner. Every year they rally behind a new buzz word, be it Crypto, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, NFT's…

    When you cut out all the noise, you are left with pure economic energy, and that is Bitcoin.

    Ditch Raoul Pal, check out someone like Michael Saylor.

  6. I don't understand anything of how crypo works so I would be at the mercy of somebody giving me advice, which would mean I end up at the same place where I am now: at the mercy of those who control money.

  7. As opposed to gold, blockchain currency is only a solar flare away from disappearing forever. Anything that is electrical in its core is fallible, as soon as electricity fails. For me, that's the biggest no-no to digital currencies. Not to mention that central banks, in their fast route to control everything, will soon launch their own digital currencies and that will render the other currencies illegal.

  8. A big sales pitch after all. Don't loose hard earned credibility after skool. Money is not the point of life, just a means.
    You put up lovely content from such influential speakers across time. And then this crap for small buck. Dont belittle your theme dear. Your subscribers are not liking this video. Pls take this down.

  9. "No rich no poor"…. If you struggle to feed your family you dont have the luxury to start investing. I dont think it is right to abuse currency to get rich the lazy way. Earning way more than the people actually doing the work. This inbalance will fail again.

  10. It is Rich VS Poor !
    β€œTesla and MicroStrategy are the two largest publicly traded corporate holders of Bitcoin, and some traders say that CEOs Musk and Saylor are trying to pump the cryptocurrency and manipulate its price to avoid going underwater and be forced to sell.”

  11. housing, first of all shouldn't even be viewed as an assets, because…it's not deferred consumption first of all, your using it by living in it, and 2 being a home owner is a liability. if you don't think so, go buy a house….that doesn't need the lawn mowed, gutters repaired, water heater replacement. etc

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